Ash was excited to finally have fun after a long and serious week of training. He went walked to the de praia, praia with Cilan, Iris, and his beloved Pokémon, pikachu. On the way there, he ran into Misty the pokemon trainer. She asked him if she could walk with him. Of course he said yes. He was excited to see Misty in a bathing suit- not because he was perverted or anything, but because he wanted to see what she'd say. After all, Misty is always judging other people, he wondered if she'd judge herself. The way there was very awkward for Ash. Misty kept bringing up all the good times. Ash wondered if Misty liked sure seemed like she was trying to show Iris that she better back off because she had him already.
When they finally got there, after a long talk, Ash put on his bathing suit along with the others. Misty seemed fine, comfortable even! Ash ran up to the water and his hair swayed. He looked at Cilan who was now catching some comida for that night. He patiently waited to be offered a hotel room. Just a sand colina away from them stood the most glorious hotel you've ever seen! It was big, beautiful, and EXPENSIVE!
As Ash waited, he heard Cilan. "Where are we going to stay tonight?" Cilan stood seguinte to Ash. "We could stay at that hotel." He said with Sarcasm. "Yes!" Ash tried to say it under his breath, but as he said it Misty's topo, início flew off of her body. Man did that sound wrong! Luckily, Iris gave her her top. "Ash Ketchum!" Misty yelled but seemed happy. "Did you plan this to happen? Run into me and take me to the de praia, praia because you're a stalker and you knew por bathing suit was loose?" She was now mad. "Oh please! Ash is just a kid. He'd never be able to make a plan like that even if he wanted to." Iris stood with her hair down, blowing like leaves in the fall. "I would never do that!" His coração was filled with rage. He tried to hold back por changing the subject. "Let's stay at that hotel." "Okay. You know I've worked at that hotel. We get a room free for one night." He seemed prideful. "Okay then...wait...WHAT? We have to sleep in a room together?" He walked past Cilan. "Yeah! So what?"
Iris tried to make Ash seem childish. "So? I-I don't want to sleep in a room with you stupid people!" Ash kicked the ground and watched as his foot beod. Iris giggled. "Need some help, kid?" "Oh please! And why would I need help form you?" pikachu was now on Ash's shoulders. "Pika, pika!" He winked.

Chapter 2

They walked up across the sand colina and there stood the most beautiful hotel you've ever seen! "Holy..." Ash got nervous and was about to faint. "We're here!" Cilan jumped in the air and acted excited. "I'm still freakin' mad at you." Misty stumbled, landing on Ash. "Well, well, well! What a spicy combo! You and Misty might make a better shipping than Iris X Ash!" Cilan stood there because he had an idea what they were going to say.
"Hey! Why would you ship me with him? He's such a kid!" Iris screamed with anger. "S-so you thought they were a great combo?"'Misty got off of Ash and walked into the hotel. "Well, at first I thought they were a sweet couple. But now since you're here you've showed me spice! Spice is better than sweetness." He walked to the front desk. "Guys! What the heck is wrong with you, Cilan? Pairing me with every girl I meet and making a stupid excuse for us to be together!" Ash was ready to soco Cilan. "True. You can't be with all of the...wait... You can! Just cheat on all of them at the same time and no one will know but you! Well, I guess I would know... Spice and Sweetness! I amor the taste of that!"
Cilan asked the hotel manager about their room. It was number 731 on the 13th story.
"13th story! Man this'll be a night to remember!" Ash held his fist in the air atuação as if a while new journey was about to begin. "Chu? Pika, Pika!" pikachu leapt from the ground onto Ash's fist that he held in the air. "Thunderbolt, Pikachu!" Iris wanted payback from the whole incident that happened to Misty. She liked Misty...she didn't know what she liked about her, though. pikachu thunderbolted which left Ash screaming and practically dead on the floor. "I-I'm okay...I think."
Cilan opened a door leading to a very nice hotel room with golden sheets, a giant bath tub, and a glorious lantern. "Dibs on taking a bath first! Oh're here." Iris rolled her eyes and took all the soaps. "Y-you can take a bath!" Ash sounded perverted but was trying to be friendly. "There's no way in heck that I'm taking a bath with you here." Misty heard a noise. "Ax! Axew!" Axew popped up from behind Iris' head. "Oh yeah. This is Axew, my Pokémon." Iris stepped into the bath to check the depth. "Why couldn't we just get two half rooms!" "Oh please. You don't even know what those are. At this hotel if you want a half room you literally get half of a room! You have to share the other half with some stranger." Cilan wasn't modest at all. "Oh..." Ash was listening to him, as if he was going to be quizzed on it later. "If there anyone that needs to take a bath, it's me." He fell to the ground and an innocent look appeared on his face. "How about none of us take a bath. We'll just get our Pokémons to clean us." Iris stepped out of the tub.

Chapter 3

"Let's tell scary stories! After all, we're on the 13th floor..." Cilan sat on the bed. "Okay! I'll go first. One upon a time, there was really amargo, amarga chocolate. Someone decided to mix it with lychee. I mean, come one? How stupid is that? Scariest story ever!" Cilan was impressed with his story- but he was scared. He rolls up I'm a ball and began to shiver. "That sucked!" Ash put pikachu on his shoulders. "I can't believe this was your idea and you didn't even tell a scary story!" pikachu began to shiver. "Pika! Pika!" "Why is pikachu scared?" Misty sat on the cama seguinte to Ash and Cilan. "Maybe because Cilan's story was so pathetic that it scared him." Iris took out her brush and began brushing her hair. "Or he senses something. DUH!" Ash hugged pikachu tightly. "Axew! Axew!" Axew began shivering along with Pikachu.

"Seems to be a connection between them..." Ash looked at Iris as she did the same. They were speechless. "Maybe you two have a connection-" Cilan got cut off por Misty who became jealous. "THEY DO NOT!" "Yeah Misty. We don't. When did you become so mad? You're not the one being made fun of." Iris was now terrified. Any scary story was no match for this. They all began shivering; Cilan because of his story, Misty because of her jealousy, Iris because of the pairing, and Ash because of the awful combo that Cilan put together. All the sudden the lights went out. "Oh no! Is the electricity out?" Ash made his way to the TV and turned it on. Did this really happen? The TV worked...but it wasn't a pleasant TV show. A man stood there, as if he was talking to them. The man's eyes followed Ash wherever he was.

Suddenly there was a noise. "I got it all under control. Thanks to Pikachu, I got this to work." Cilan put his finger on the switch. "Just turn it on! Hurry!" Ash was desperate for light. "Okay." Cilan turned it on. Without further a due, the light was turned on and a sushi commercial began to play. "Get your all new sushi with Team Rocket! All sale orders are final and no returns! Don't forget to stop por Haggai's Sushi store tomorrow to meet Team Rocket!" Misty turned the TV off. "That was interesting." "Yeah! What the heck are they doing there? I'd look way better in a commercial like that... I mean....WE NEED TO STOP THEM!" Ash thought of sushi and how they skipped dinner. "Trust me. It's just to get mais money. Everyone knows Team Rocket is evil...except maybe the people buying it." Cilan was also hungry and thinking of salmão and mochi. "I'm hungry!" Iris read their mind. "What do you guys want to eat?" Cilan thought of recipes- not just comida recipes. amor RECIPES!

Chapter 4

Cilan got out his portable kitchen. "One order of sweet and spicy, for my LOVVVVVVERS." "Cilan, we need to talk!" Ash was extremely mad at Cilan. " um.... okay?" Cilan had that look on his face that screamed uh-oh! "Yes, ash...." Cilan said hoping it wasn't about the whole sweet and spicy thing. "What the heck is wrong with you?! Look, you better stop making fun of me and my friends!" Ash said feeling a little better because he screamed at Cilan and let his anger out. "Oops, I better get going on my new sweet and spicy combo, just please, Ash, let me do this." Cilan felt embarrassed, so he just walked back to finish the combo of his.

"W-what is wrong with him?" Misty sounded down. "He just wanted to prove something. I don't know what it is yet." Iris looked down beneath the table. "There are no mais chairs left! One of you have to sit on either me or Ash's lap." Cilan was excited with his plan all in place. "Or we could just sit on the cama you jerk!" Iris got mais mad the mais she talked. She stood up, walked over to Cilan, and slapped him. "I won't be saying anything about you two anymore. Just my sweet and spicy!" He laughed and once again to work on his combo. "What's for jantar tonight?" Ash said as he sat on the bed. "It's a surprise!" He said with a smirk across his face. "Oh surprises? I hate surprises!" Iris sounded mad and dangerous. You could almost see flames come off of her hair. "OKAY! Fine. We're having sweet laranja chicken with a jalapeño twist." Cilan was scared of Iris. "What's the twist?" That just made Iris even mais angry. "Um...I fried them!" Cilan went back to cooking. "Sorry I asked!" Ash began to feel a little threatened por Iris. "You better be!" Iris was starting to calm down. "Shall we?" Cilan shimmied a bit and out down the plate. They all began to eat. "This is good!" Ash shoved a bunch mais in his mouth mirroring Iris. "See I know it'll be good. I made it off of some people I know. Oh look. And there goes the sweet!" He points to them eating at the exact same pace."Shut up Cilan!" Misty began to eat the wonderful dinner. "Can you make arroz balls?" "Of course. But I don't want to right now...I'm so tired."

Chapter 5

"How are we doing to do the sleeping arrangements?" Ash laughed. "Never mind. We all know how it's gonna turn out." "I'll sleep on the couch." Iris sat on the sofá and got ready for bed. "I'll take the bed!" Cilan scrambled to the cama and immediately laid down. "I'll get the other bed..." Ash looked at the cama in a puzzled look. "Is this a bed? I'm not sure if it is..." "No! It's just a giant bump in the ground! Get in bed!" Misty wanted him to fall asleep so the girls can talk about him. "I really think this is a bump in the ground." Ash sat on it, still. "Are you like...what did you drink?" Misty thought he was high...but that can't be! He never drank... "W-well, I drank this odd tasting water. I found it in the counter."

Ash nearly passed out. "Um..okay. Well if it tasted weird, why did you drink it?" Iris joined in the conversation. "Because I was thirsty! And I thought it'll be okay...after all it was on the counter." Ash fell asleep. "You mean this? Uh! They keep this at hotels. It's Asashi beer!" Misty picked up a bottle of beer. Ash immediately wake up. "So you're saying I'm drunk?" Ash was fully awake and energized. "Kind of! Just go to bed." She laid down on the floor seguinte to Iris. The boys went to cama while the girls talked about Ash and Cilan. "Ash is kind of stupid. Ya know? Like how he drank that cerveja and didn't know it. But that makes him cute- in his own way." Misty turned to the other side towards Ash. "You know what?" Iris brightly said. "What?" Misty was tired. "First of all I bet he's still drunk, segundo of all I need to take a shower! They're asleep, what's the worst that can happen?" Iris walked into the bathroom and turned the chuveiro on. Ash awoke! He had to go to the restroom. He knocked on the bathroom door. "I really need to pee...when are you going to be out?"

"NEVER!" Iris got out of the shower. And turned the water off. "Oh finally! She's out of the shower." He opened the door just in time to save him from her being half naked. "Next time, just because the chuveiro is off doesn't mean that I'm out. I bet you're still drunk!" She ran out of the bathroom mad. While Ash did his business Cilan appeared to be awake. "I'm just gonna keep on bakin' and bakin' hoping that something will change..." He sung. "Don't tell me he drank too!" Iris went off to cama just as Misty was waking up. "What's that noise?" Cilan got up and went to get his portable cozinha out of the closet. "I will never start cookin' because I'm awesome because I'm a chef..." He put on the fire. After a few minutos everyone was awake. Smoke? SMOKE! Everything was on fire! "Cilan sleep walks?" Ash summoned Oshawott. "And you were asleep and drunk! Same thing." Iris gave Axew a hug. "Everything will be alright, I promise." "Oshawott! Water gun!" Ash have his command. Luckily, they were saved.