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by: Charles Baudelaire

ARRYING bouquet, and handkerchief, and gloves,
Proud of her height as when she lived, she moves
With all the careless and high-stepping grace,
And the extravagant courtesan's thin face.

Was slimmer waist e'er in a ball-room wooed?
Her floating robe, in royal amplitude,
Falls in deep folds around a dry foot, shod
With a bright flower-like shoe that gems the sod.

The swarms that hum about her collar-bones
As the lascivious streams caress the stones,
Conceal from every scornful jest that flies,
Her gloomy beauty; and her fathomless eyes

Are made of...
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The Core Of What It Means To Be A Writer por Adam Skelter via FilmCourage.com.
composição literária
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You said...

You said
you would
try to make
this up.

You said
you wanted
me por your side.

You said
I would be happy,
I would be
happy this time.

You said.

You said
you wanted
the fresh start
for us,
you said
you wanted us
you wanted
me back.

You promised.

You said
you would
you said
that things
would be better
this time,
you said
I would feel
from now.

you said.

No mais tears,
you said,
no more
empty words,

You said.

You said
you wanted
a fresh start
for us.
You said,
no mais pain,
you said,
no more.

And no mais lies
now I say,
sell them
some where else.
Broken promises,
that's all
you gave,
no mais pain,
that's what
you said.
posted by Spottedtail139
\\What makes us human?//


War is a sadistic
Laughing in the background
Laughing as we cry for mercy
We know it is futile 
But we beg

War is the scientist 
Experimenting with our very being
Driving some to madness
And others to the realm of Satan

War is the hell
That crushes our souls
To the breaking point
And takes sick pleasure in doing so

War is the broken spirit
That is cursed upon por all man-kind
To be forever hated
And forever a scourge in our world

~ Written por a Poet for the Wandering Souls
posted by mountainlion
How I Really Feel About You

I hate putting up with this act.

I can't stand it anymore.

I have to tell you how I really feel.

I don't know if you will like it

but here it goes:

I HATE you, I don't EVER want to see you again.

I hate that you think I will do anything for you

because you still think I like you.

I like someone new and I know that they

will treat me better than you ever did.

That is how I really feel about you, and I

knew that you wouldn't like it, but you know what

I want to name for you, indolent sorceress !
The divers marks of beauty which adorn your youth,
I want to describe your beauty,
In which are blended childhood and maturity.

When you go sweeping por in your full, flowing skirts,
You resemble a trim ship as it puts to sea
Under full sail and goes rolling
Lazily, to a slow and easy rhythm.

On your large, round neck, on your plump shoulders,
Your head moves proudly and with a strange grace,
With a placid, triumphant air
You go your way, majestic child.

I want to name for you, indolent sorceress !
The divers marks of beauty which adorn your youth,
I want to describe...
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posted by Lovetreehill
On my school notebooks
On my escrivaninha, mesa and on the trees
On the sands of snow
I write your name

On the pages I have read
On all the white pages
Stone, blood, paper or ash
I write your name

On the imagens of gold
On the weapons of the warriors
On the crown of the king
I write your name

On the jungle and the desert
On the nest and on the brier
On the echo of my childhood
I write your name

On all my scarves of blue
On the moist sunlit swamps
On the living lake of moonlight
I write your name

On the fields, on the horizon
On the birds’ wings
And on the mill of shadows
I write your name

On each whiff of daybreak
On the sea, on...
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Now now. Don't be offended. Don't take this seriouslly. If you don't like this poem just mover on. :) Enjoy.

Stupid girls

I don’t understand you.

Why do you constantly check the mirror?

Why do you constantly flaunt your body?

Why do you constantly throw your future away?

I don’t understand you.

Stuffing your bra, smacking your lips, bending down

Is that appealing?

Stuffing, smacking, bending.

What a life.

You live for attention. You live to view. You live to be viewed.

Now I know why the guys go for you.

You’re easy.

You’re trashy.

You can be thrown away.

Sorry, if I don’t understand, but really…

I don’t understand…
posted by Lovetreehill
Soon we shall plunge into the cold darkness,
Farewell, vivid brightness of our short-lived summers!
Already I hear the dismal sound of firewood
Falling with a clatter on the courtyard pavements.

All winter will possess my being : wrath,
Hate, horror, shivering, hard, forced labor,
And, like the sun in his polar Hades,
My coração will be no mais than a Frozen - Uma Aventura Congelante red block.

All atremble I listen to each falling log,
The building of a scaffold has no duller sound.
My spirit resembles the tower which crumbles
Under the tireless blows of the battering ram.

It seems to me, lulled por these monotonous shocks,
That somewhere...
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Poem Written By: Trevor Young (Inspiar) 18/06/2013 Here in this Spoken Word Piece I'm touching on a very sensitive subject, I grew up and saw it first hand so I know how this can affect lives.
posted by arcticflake
Disturbed, warped, some would say insane

Rotting fading some would say dying

Where is humanity? People killing friends
Suicide, homicide, murder: First digree, segundo digree, Third digree

What does it all mean?

Painfull death: Shooting Stabbing hanging

Where has all the amor gone

Living to be killed: Hitmen, dealers, thieves

Your roommate's a killer? You went camping on Friday the 13th?
These meaningless lies & rumors pass por undetected, Yet have the most profound affect on our lives

We live in a human world filled with savage beast

Violent beatings, drunken fights as we struggle with humanity gone astray

Being sucked into the endlesss black abyse

Screaming into deaf ears
Begging for respostas from the silent

Slowly fading dying losing all humanity

Now I stand here asking, pleading for answers, what happened?
posted by juicyjossy9
John Keats


Soon the assembly, in a círculo rang’d,
Stood silent round the shrine: each look was chang’d
To sudden veneration: women meek
Beckon’d their sons to silence; while each cheek
Of virgin bloom paled gently for slight fear.
Endymion too, without a forest peer,
Stood, wan, and pale, and with an awed face,
Among his brothers of the mountain chase.
In midst of all, the venerable priest
Eyed them with joy from greatest to the least,
And, after lifting up his aged hands,
Thus spake he: “Men of Latmos! shepherd bands!
Whose care it is to guard a thousand flocks:
Whether descended from...
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