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Source: nintendo / Amiibo Website
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One day, rosa, -de-rosa Yoshi and her best friends, Daisy(From Wow wow wubbzy) and rosa, -de-rosa petty piranha plant were planning their day. But down the rua they saw a beautiful ballerina pass them. She had a letatord, soft tights, and ballet slippers. She is mais beautiful than me! Thought rosa, -de-rosa Yoshi. If rosa, -de-rosa yoshi was good as the ballerina , She would become popular. So rosa, -de-rosa Yoshi signed up for ballet class her teacher said, "you will be popular to do ballet." rosa, -de-rosa Yoshi smiled and watched the others dance. rosa, -de-rosa Yoshi thought, I could become popular to dance. So rosa, -de-rosa Yoshi tried to do a perfect twirl. Then, rosa, -de-rosa Yoshi did a perfect ballet twirl! "I did it! I became popular!" Said rosa, -de-rosa Yoshi.

The seguinte morning rosa, -de-rosa Yoshi got up from bed, brushed her tongue and got ready. When she came down, rosa, -de-rosa Yoshi's mom was leitura the YOSHI Fancy magazine "You are very popular." Said rosa, -de-rosa Yoshi's mother. So rosa, -de-rosa Yoshi became popular.