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Vic Fuentes Lead singer of the post-hardcore band, Pierce the Veil, which gained fame for their 2007 album, A Flair for the Dramatic.


He attended Clairemont High School and Mission baía High School in California before pursuing his música career full-time.


In 2012, he helped release Pierce the Veil's most commercially successful album, Collide with the Sky, which ranked #1 on U.S. Rock and Alternative charts.


He has one brother, Mike Fuentes, who co-founded Pierce the Veil with him. In 2014, he was dating a woman named Danielle.


He covered Gotye's song, "Somebody That I Used to Know," for the 2012 release of Punk Goes Pop 5.
So what if I was just a painter
Painting houses on the rich blue coast
Would you ever try to leave me
For somebody who deserves you most?

'Cause darling, I am just a painter
I'm painting houses for the rich old folks
I'm gonna make a million dollars
'Cause nobody's gonna steal you, no

For diamonds and gold
For diamonds and gold

'Cause I've broken bones for you and for you only
I made the money but we just can't keep this home
Give me your coração and your hand
Then we can run, we can run, we can run, baby run now
We can run, baby run

It's like a bullet through an ocean
I still remember how you...
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Waking up your neighbors downstairs
I've been inside your bedroom a thousand years
And as you tie me to the cama for good I say
That I want you in the most unromantic ways

Louisiana, you're torturing me with a beautiful face
Anna, come on, I thought we had a damn good thing
The penny in the sofá and the diamond ring

So, baby, stay away from my friends
'Cause I need them to carry me
When it's over I'll count back from ten
And you can listen to glass hearts shattering

I don't know how you got into me
Down my throat made a hole in my veins
Used to be the rivers that would take us away
Now you...
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Pierce the Veil is an American post-hardcore band from San Diego, California. Formed in 2007, the band was founded por brothers Vic and Mike Fuentes after the disbandment of the group Before Today (formerly Early Times), which was formed out of the San Diego punk rock scene. Other members of the band include Jaime Preciado (bassist and backing vocals) and Tony Perry (lead guitar). Pierce the Veil has released three studio albums and has continuously been inducted into several worldwide tours since the release of their debut album, A Flair for the Dramatic in 2007. The band released their second...
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Do you know what it's like to wake up every morning and look into the mirror hoping that you'll see someone else's face other than yours looking back? Do you know what it feels like to me put down and always in the dark? Do you know what it's like to feel so alone like no one is there? To be so hopeless that you have no one to talk to? What it's like to be wanna be someone else? Or how it feels to have no one there to catch you when you fall over and over? Do you know how much it hurts to have the people you amor the most go away and leave you behind in the dust, alone, scared, crying? Have...
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Don't you say you had a part of it
I guess we'll never know
Oh would you say that had a part of it
Well I guess we'll never know

Constant recovery
I see you choke and it takes my breath away

When all is good, we close our eyes
They all accept the lie

So bury what you want outside
Brother, promise you won't leave it

I know you're tortured within
Your eyes look hungry again
But I'll never wander, my friend

Well, somebody believed in this suicide
Am I the only one that thinks that you should stay alive
Oh, I became the train as you backed up on the ropes
To arm yourself and lie

So, let's do mayday
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