In the earlier times, the fotografias were clicked in front of the painted backdrops showing trees or park or anything else. It didn’t give real effects. To give real effect, the fotografias had to be taken at actual locations. This was very difficult, as the photographer had to mover to outside locations and set up his equipment like umbrellas, lights and all. Nowadays, real effect can be given to the fotografias without moving to actual outside locations. For this, the photographers nowadays have digital cameras & green screen kit. This kit is employed in fotografia using green screen technique.

Green screen technique is a great technique which is available for use not only por professional photographers but also por amateur photographers. Using this technique, one can expect great outcome but only if right quality kit having right green / blue background is used. One should try to set up the kit with minimum possible imperfection, adjust lighting on the subject and the background, and use chroma key software (green screen software) properly.

Chroma key technique is also known as green screen technique. This is because solid green color is the best color to be used for chroma key. Green color is most unmatched color to human skin. If shooting is to be done without the human as subject, other colored backgrounds can also be used. Using chroma key technique has really opened the way to creativity. To create real-like images, the photographers can make use of latest technology tools and equipment and produce imagens sitting at their own studios. For this, they do not have to keep expensive collection of painted backgrounds in their studios. They can just click fotografias in front of the plain green backgrounds. Later, they can editar the backgrounds and replace those with digital backgrounds of clients’ choice.

To obtain digital imagens with the help of chroma key technique, one needs a camera for recording the image, green or any other solid colored background and green screen software. These are minimum required things. Otherwise, the photographer can also buy a large green screen kit having green screen capuz, capa and gloves, image background packs, etc. mais and better quality equipment will help in achieving even better results.