Green Screen Studio Kit
Chroma keying refers to the process of replacing a solid background (key) with animated or static background. This process is also known as green screening. One can also substitute the green screen with blue screen. Although any other color can be used if it is not present in the elements of the foreground, blue and green are most popular. For proper green screening, there are some tips given in this artigo which shall be followed to obtain best footage. Otherwise, there can be many problems while making green screen vídeos or images. These problems include color spill, shadows, reflection and hot spots.

Green Screen Tips-

1. Maintain correct distance between the background & the subject. The ideal distance between the green screen backdrop and the subject is 10 feet. However, 8 feet is also good enough if maintain well. When the movie-maker starts to close this gap, the chances of spill factor increase.

2. Always light the backdrop & the subject separately. To light the backdrop, use diffused softbox light. On the other hand, to light the subject, use three-point lighting system. Three-Point Lighting System consists of three lights –
Key Light
Fill Light
Hair Light

Reflectors are also used in 3-point lighting system. For best results, use readymade green screen lighting kit which is available at various online stores.

3. Turn off all lights that are illuminating the green screen before white balancing. If the videographer white balances with the illuminated green screen, it causes the green color to wash out. Also, do not forget to turn the lights back on for the green screen before shooting sequences.

4. Use right material for the green screen. It is recommended to use muslin cotton fabric for making green screen backdrop and body suit. It is affordable and of high quality, portable and light in weight. It reduces the wrinkling problem and is machine-washable. Some green screen producers make use of green paint to make green screen backdrops. It can be used to cover walls and floors. Paint is a good option to use when the producer has to cover large area and use of fabric is not practical.

5. Use chroma key apparel when special effects have to be applied – Use green screen body suit of good quality when one needs to show ‘invisible man’ effect in the scene. A high quality body suit has zip on the back, breathable face mask and is non-reflective. It is available in both green and blue shades. Green screen capuz, capa and gloves are also available if special effects have to be applied to head and hands.

If followed, the above tips can go a long way in helping you to achieve a good quality footage. Even the best of the chroma key software cannot perform well if the raw footage is of low quality. So, go and bring your imagination to life.