One of the reasons why most photographers prefer artificial light is that they can use it as per their wish to get the predetermined results. The beauty of artificial light is that you can conveniently control the way it illuminated your subject. However, the basic light sources such as studio lighting bulbs and flashes cannot be used as such and need to be modified in order to achieve professional fotografia results. If you are short on budget and cannot afford buying the expensive equipments, here are some inexpensive lighting accessories that you must possess.


fotografia is nothing but an art of playing with lights and shadows. For this, a photography reflector kit will be an indispensable option. Use it to add some brightness to your shot, create dramatic shadows, or soften the shadows; a multipurpose circular reflector kit is sure to help you illuminate your subject as you want. This kit has 5 different panels; each has its own distinctive use.

Umbrella diffuser

The harsh light that you get from your artificial lighting equipments such as light bulbs, flash, strobe, etc. is unsuitable for capturing soothing images. Therefore, you need to pass it through a diffuser such as a translucent umbrella. This is an inexpensive option as compared to buying the softboxes.

Umbrella reflector

Don’t have sufficient light to brighten up your subject? Try bouncing the light using an umbrella having silver interiors. These forms of accessories play a great role in fulfilling the light deficiency issues and are extremely helpful for professional photographers.

Flash diffusers

If you are into flash photography, this lighting accessory is a must-have for you. Flash light is infamous for giving you some harsh and sharp shadows. This issue can be conveniently addressed por using flash diffusers. Whether you are using an inbuilt flash or an external one, diffusers are sure to help you illuminate your subject with a soft light.

Flash filters

They don’t help you to add or remove light to your scene. Flash filters are known to help you capture the bright and dark hues. The turquoise water and the sky blue sky that you often see in magazines are possible only because of these filters. These are very inexpensive but can give you amazing results.