New ano parties are great occasions for enjoyment and if you are a photographer, they double your fun por providing endless opportunities to click the highly celebratory moments. This evening offers you to capture the dance floor, firework, glittery venues, best-dressed people, and much more. So don’t miss this once-in-a-year occasion and gear yourself up for the upcoming New ano eve. Here are some tips and tricks that are sure to help you capture some perfect shots.

1. Stop asking people to pose for you and capture the New ano party as it is. Let your pictures speak about the whole event. Sure some poses would be great for your collection but there is much mais than you can capture. A man offering torrada, brinde to his partner, a crowd cheering up on DJ’s music, a young lady enjoying her drink; anything that is happening around you is a good moment to capture.

2. Since you will be shooting in low light conditions without any availability of your photo studio lighting bulbs, set your ISO between mid to high range. A higher ISO will not only help you capture mais ambient light but also prevent blurriness in your pictures.

3. Don’t bother about your memory card and batteries. This is the only occasion when you see so many people in a festive mood. Shoot as many pictures as you can. Keep experimenting throughout the party and you will be amazed to see the results. This is not the time when you will be able to ask people to tilt their head slightly towards 45 degrees and straighten their shoulders. Take spontaneous pictures and fill your memory cards with everything that you can capture.

4. Not sure what type of lighting the New ano eve party venue will have? Adjust your camera’s white balance to get the most natural results. You will certainly not get the same effect as you would have got when using your photo studio lighting bulb but the results will obviously be better.

5. While shooting fireworks, shoot in manual mode and set the focus to infinity. Later, adjust the infinity to capture fireworks. Set your aperture to F8 and ISO to 100. Tripods and Monopods can help you reduce the camera shakes that might have been caused due to long aperture speed. So mount your camera on them to get crispy pictures.

At your New ano eve party, make sure you take the fotografia you want and have your complete share of fun.