"Come on, Isabella, get up. We'll be leaving for the airport in an hour." my mom called from out in the hall. Once I didn't respond, my mother walked into my room and got a wide, shocked look on her face. "You're not out of cama yet?" she gasped, walking over to my cama where I lay.
"I'm not getting up today," I mumbled, pulling the blanket over my head. "I'm sick."
Mom crossed her arms and pulled the blanket off. "Sure," she said sarcastically.
"No, I'm serious. I think it might be cancer."
Mom rolled her eyes and grabbed my hands. She pulled me out of cama and onto the floor, dragging me.
"Help!" I screamed. "She's taking me away to have me murdered!" I kicked my feet in refusal, trying to pry loose from her grasp.
"Isabella, stop with your nonsense." she said, tightening her hands around my wrists.
"No!" I yelled, finally slipping free. "I am not moving! I amor this place!"
"Isabella!" Mother sighed angrily. "Come here!"
I started to scream and run. I ran down the hall, almost tripped going down the stairs, and literally tumbled out the front door. Even though it was eight o' clock in the morning and I was still in my pajamas, I crossed the street, not even bothering to look for cars.
Once on the other side, I jumped my best friends' fence and rolled up to Phineas' feet. "Isabella?" He asked, helping me up. "What are you doing? You're not even dressed."
"Yes, I know," I said sadly, sitting down against their árvore seguinte to Ferb. Phineas joined me. Looking at the ground, I clutched my chest where my coração was. "My heart..." I whispered. "It's sad."
Phineas raised an eyebrow. "Are you okay?"
I shook my head. "No," I cried. "Mother is looking for me. I ran away from her when she forced me to get out of bed. Now I'm hiding." I shut my eyes tight. "I do not want to move. I will not move. No," I added. "I wont. You will keep me seguro from her, wont you?" I asked, looking into Phineas' eyes with sadness.
Phineas sighed. "I don't think so," he admitted. "but if I could, I would let you live with us." then he got an angry look on his face and turned his gaze to my house. "I will assure you, though, we are not letting you go without a fight."
Did he really care that much for me?