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Fan fiction by PhineasFangirl posted over a year ago
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"Come on, Isabella, get up. We'll be leaving for the airport in an hour." my mom called from out in the hall. Once I didn't respond, my mother walked into my room and got a wide, shocked look on her face. "You're not out of cama yet?" she gasped, walking over to my cama where I lay.
"I'm not getting up today," I mumbled, pulling the blanket over my head. "I'm sick."
Mom crossed her arms and pulled the blanket off. "Sure," she said sarcastically.
"No, I'm serious. I think it might be cancer."
Mom rolled her eyes and grabbed my hands. She pulled me out of cama and onto the floor, dragging me.
"Help!" I screamed. "She's taking me away to have me murdered!" I kicked my feet in refusal, trying to pry loose from her grasp.
"Isabella, stop with your nonsense." she said, tightening her hands around my wrists.
"No!" I yelled, finally slipping free. "I am not moving! I amor this place!"
"Isabella!" Mother sighed angrily. "Come here!"
I started to scream and run. I ran down the hall, almost tripped going down the stairs, and literally tumbled out the front door. Even though it was eight o' clock in the morning and I was still in my...