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I have conselhos for an album with songs inspired por Phineas and Ferb. There's already an album with songs from the show.
Here's an idea for the album cover.

Here's the track list (so far)
1. City Is Ours - Big Time Rush
If you don't take my advice, well that's OK. I'll understand.

You guys created the show and made an album containing songs from it. But did you know that songs that are not in the show inspire it too? Well, they actually do. Like "City Is Ours". See? There should be mais songs inspired por Phineas and Ferb and you could put them on the album.
"Ferb, it's raining!" said Phineas, "We can't go outside!" They watched a TV program about a kid with an underground secret base. "Ferb! I know what we're gonna do today!" said Phineas. He looked at where Perry was a minuto ago. "Hey, where's Perry?"


"Doofenshmirtz has been going to a lot of donut shops lately," Monogram said, "we think it's for... uh... what was the pet's name again?"
"Sparky, sir." Carl replied from the background.
"Sparky." continued Monogram, "But he's also been purchasing a lot of things off the internet lately. You've got to stop him agent P!" Perry left.

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