"What'cha doin?"

That voice. The way it giggled and inched higher with excitement when he was around. The thrill of knowing that she was going to come over and help with their project, every dia of his life. Those feelings that rose inside of him. He was sure he was in amor with her, just too scared to say it out loud, unlike Isabella. He had overheard his best friend and sister, Candace, talking alone in the backyard:

"I just don't get it," Candace had said, "are you sure Phineas doesn't care?"
"Almost positive," The black-haired girl's voice shook with sadness, and her eyes were clouded with emotional pain. "H-he...." With a sigh, she closed her eyes and hung her head. "He just doesn't seem to notice me."
Candace's eyes widened with shock. "Are you kidding?" The redhead exclaimed, kneeling down to Isabella's height. Sympathy warmed her gaze as she said softly, "Isabella, Phineas may be oblivious to many things, but for one thing, he is not oblivious to you." She set her hands on Isabella's shoulders and continued, "But, he's my brother, and I know how he feels about you. He doesn't hate you, for one thing-"
"I never said he hated me!" Isabella gasped.
"Well, no, you didn't, but I'm just trying to prove my point here." Letting out an irritated sigh, the sixteen-year-old looked at Isabella directly, their eyes on each others.
"Isabella, listen; what I'm trying to say is that Phineas...."

Phineas was still a bit stunned that such a beautiful, smart and perfect girl, had a crush on him. Was he that good enough? Did she think we was....cute? Was he cute? Was he perfect? At least, for her?

"What'r you up to, Phin?"
"Huh?" Blinking back to real life, Phineas stood up. He couldn't help but be dazed, still. This girl....this angel....was in amor with him. Words couldn't explain his happiness, his deep and true feelings, and everlasting amor for this girl. And yet this overload of thoughts only happened in a few heartbeats, Phineas was sure, she was the one.