From fãs all over the world and people from here and deviantART, I see that lots of Phineas and Ferb fãs are loosing interest.
One of my popular dA friends has said: [I need a breakup from Phineas and Ferb. Or at least a really long break from our relationship. And I don't wanna give the whole explanation of WHY... unless if you really wanna know.

So, I won't be drawing mais of this out of will, I'll do just if I take requests from CLOSE friends, or if you ask on the open point commissions.

So long, and Goodbye.

EDIT: OK, so a lot of people have been asking me why I don't wanna draw this anymore. I actually gave the reasons on a youtube video, but I'm gonna say it here, also.

Apart from that, I still loved my fanart of the show, and so did my dA watchers! So I kept drawing about this, until I started losing mais interest on it, and I started liking other stuff better. Still, people were constantly asking too much (and sometimes not even asking, but demanding) mais PnF and phinbella fanart. So I thought: "I can't continue drawing something that I don't like anymore", so I stopped doing it. But still, the demanding was becoming overwhelming, and at the end, my beloved dA people made me literally sick of this cool show. Some people really exaggerate about it, and actually say things like "this is the best thing disney has ever made".

Hello? disney himself didn't do this. And there's a lot of the most amazing animated films out there, long before this happened. And a lot of people (including my old self) are not obsessed with Phineas and Ferb, but a lot of non-existent couples there. Phinbella isn't real people. Not yet, at least wait for it to happen. Or wait for your OCs to be in the show before killing yourselves over who has the best or prettier OC. OK?- Cece's unpopular opinion

But, ok. That's how it happened. So, please, PLEASE, stop asking for Phineas and Ferb fanart, cause I won't do it, unless you have dA points to ask for a commission of it.

'cause I draw whatever the hell I want]

I totally agree with her. My opinion: The show started to bore me a little, 'cause it was always the same. The same plot, and the episodes weren't much focused on Phineas and Ferb, but they were focused on Candace, who I dislike a lot. Actually, the best structural part of the show is the major flaw of it. They have three storylines instead of just one. But I still think they should give a reason to the name of the show, and make it mais about Phineas and Ferb, who are the ones I wanna see. I think Candace is really annoying. (no offense to big fans) The show is becoming mais and mais about her and her amor life, which makes me EGH. It's really bothering me. Compare the first ever episode to the newest one, "Run Candace Run." Even the título is about their sister! I'm tired of it.

I'm sorry to say, I used to be obsessed(literally obsessed, I wouldn't stop thinking of ideas for new stories and pictures all dia and night), but now it's just kind of left me....

I'm still going to draw and write about them because some of my best friends in life are PnF crazed(not that that's a bad thing! IT'S WONDERFUL! <3 ) and I would never, EVER let them down.

I have not abandoned Phineas and Ferb! They've still got a place in my heart, just not a big chunk.

Many other dA friends of mine have complained to me asking why I have given up. Given up!?

Therefor, my entire rant is to say one thing: The mais Candace, the less fans.

Sorry to say to Candace lovers, but there are a lot mais P&F fãs than there are doces fans.

Don't hate me. I'm serious. I want no rude comments. THIS IS JUST MY OPINION!