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Penguins of Madagascar Comic-Con Panel Recap



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I really enjoyed reading this article; although I wished I could have been there personally. Hopefully by the time I can make and save enough money that I won't be forced to use on more important things, I'll be able to go. Although, if that day comes, I would only go if there were still a Penguins of Madagascar channel.

(Panel Highlights)

When I read that line about how the penguins nearly became cut from the movie, my jaw actually dropped, even though I'd already heard about it a while ago (and just forgot about it). I'm so glad they kept the penguins! They bring so much to the movies, and the series is awesome! I actually heard about this once before and nearly experienced a heart attack at the thought of how it would be if the penguins had been cut (not literally, but you get my point).

The fact that Robert Stack nearly took the role of Skipper actually surprised me. I didn't know he was going to be voiced by someone else. The thought is just strange. I can't see anyone else voicing him, as his voice seems to just fit so well with his personality. I actually felt rather guilty that I couldn't decide if I was happy that McGrath took the role, or sad that Stack had to pass for him to do so. Everything happens for a reason . . .? I guess . . .? Oh, sugar honey iced tea. I feel worse now.

I loved Cumberbatch's answer to how he prepared for the role. The thought of him going undercover as a wolf in Yellowstone was clever. I wonder if he came up with that on the spot, or if he prepared that answer. Either way, I think I'm going to like this Cumberbatch.

I just had to smile at the thought of McGrath being influenced by the A-Team. Before I became obsessed with the penguins, A-Team was my obsession. I've seen the series several times over, and I would watch them all again. In fact, I kind of want to, although I'm pressed for time.

The concept of the TV series being an 'alternate reality' actually kind of upset me. I'd actually heard a rumor that the POM Movie was going to be a sequel, and the thought made me hopeful that we'd see how the penguins got back to the zoo, which I was really wishing for. But if the series is an alternate reality, that makes me feel as though the penguins and lemurs never actually went back to the zoo, in theory. I don't regret the movies or the series, I just wish they'd been connected. Despite what the makers of the movie say, it kind of always will be in my mind.

Additionally, I don't see how the series isn't connected to the movies in some way if there have been minor movie references throughout the series here and there, and the biggest reference, Alex the lion in the second Blowhole special.

(The Footage)

I am pleased with a canon story on how the penguins met, although it burns any fan fictions on the matter. Don't get me wrong, I'll still enjoy any theories on the matter, especially considering there is potentially a different backstory for the series penguins since they're an "alternate reality," and that it's still interesting to me to see others' ideas and how many potential possibilities there could've been. Additionally, it still won't stop me from finishing the one I'm writing as well.

Anywho, I like the idea of how the penguins saved Private as an egg and took him in. I'm thinking this first scene will be both invigorating, and heartfelt. And potentially partly comical as well, considering Kowalski's '95% chance of death' quote. I'm excited to see this on the big screen (or my television screen, if I can't find the money) rather than in text.

The scene about breaking into Fort Knox sounds exciting. I also had to laugh at the FDA-banned junk food crack. I'm curious to see how exactly an octopus disguises itself as a human, and even more curious as to how the mad-man (mad-octopus?) fit his evil lair in/around/near/whatever-it-is Fort Knox, and through a vending machine of all things. I anticipate how this "growing awkwardness" scene will play out, considering the teaser-scene I watched revealing his outrageous personality.

The information on the Venice scene really interested me, even though this article claims it was the least interesting of the teaser scenes. I am even more interested as to how the penguins were in Fort Knox (which is located in Kentucky, United States) and end up in Venice, Italy. It could (and most likely is) be two completely separate scenes, but I just became confused when the third bullet ended with them being in Dave's lair, and the fourth said they were escaping from him. Eh, as I said, it's probably just lost in translation or something.

In conclusion, I agree with the Mr. Goldberg's final thoughts in that I am very excited to see this movie. Although, unlike him, I usually am excited to see many of DreamWork's movies.

PS, forgive my lengthiness, please. I've been in a very author-y mood lately.
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@PB: I completely agree with what you said. :)
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