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"Skipper, we appear to be flightless." - Kowalski
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A normal dia at the CPZ, the penguins are going through their normal morning routine when the Alice alarm goes off suddenly. They all run up topside to see her carrying a large crate.

To the man on the walkie-talkie she says, “Yeah we’re hoping that this female will mate with one of the males.” Alice put the engradado, caixa down and walked away.

From inside the crate, they all heard a mumble, “Mate my ass. What am I, a prostitute?” It was a pretty female voice.

Skipper examined the engradado, caixa and said, “Kowalski, options.” Kowalski flipped through his notebook and looked over his options he planned...
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Micha had Rico tied to a árvore and Kowalski was frantically searching through vivid colored testubes.
M: "You know, I'm getting kinda hungry, if you don't find it soon i'm going to have to eat you both."
R: "Help!"
K: "Don't worry, Rico. Skipper will save us."
M: "He might try for a while until he gets hungry too. He'll be on my side when his hunger kicks in. He won't be able to resist you."
K: "You're wrong Skipper wouldn't hurt us."
M: "You mean the old Skipper. Not this new werewolf Skipper. None of you will stand a chance."
Clouds filled the dark sky and hung over the eerie full moon. A loud clap...
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I can still remember the first time I saw her. The penguins had introduced us and I knew that when I layed my eyes on her that I loved her. We had been good friends for awhile, and she had even let me stay with her in her habitat so I wouldn't get caught por Officer X. I loved her, and I decided to let her know it. Every weekend, us animais had fireworks to let go because the humans werent coming in. I had borrowed some 'special' ones from Rico and him and the other penguins were going to let it go last. "Hey Max! I amor Sundays, don't you?" Marlene asked me. "Yea, I amor all of the sparks."...
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