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“The Other Man That Doesn’t Exist Yet”
December 11, 2014

Skipper stood outside Marlene’s habitat. Earlier that day, the team had snuck into Alice’s office to order some sweet elusive Polish sauerkraut, and Alice had left the sign-up list for the Breeding Program on her computer. Marlene’s name was on it. From the moment he saw it, his coração fluttered. He wasn’t quite sure why. It was just the thought of Marlene feeling as if she needed someone. Why that would bother him was another mystery. He took a deep breath and entered.

“Hey, Skipper! What’s up?” Marlene said as he approached...
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“Tuckered Out”
November 1, 2014

Marlene yawned. “Thanks for taking me to that Enrique Guitaro concert, guys,” she said to the penguins as they drove her home. “It went a lot better than last time. And going backstage? That was”—she yawned again as if she hadn’t slept in days—“really awesome,” she finished.

Skipper chuckled from his place to the right of her. “I don’t think staying up all the way to one in the morning is a good idea for you.”

Marlene shook her head. “No, no, I’m awake.” She fought off another yawn and rubbed her eyes. “Tack as a sharp.”

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“I Remember”
January 3, 2014

Note: I’ve typically been composição literária notes at the end, but for this case, I must make an exception as to be clear to you, or at least the ones who haven’t read my anterior works. I have been thinking about doing a sequel to one of my stories, but never did because I didn’t think I could make anything long and commendable out of it. But with this project, I received some inspiration and motivation to do so in a short story. So, this short is a little sequel to “Skipper’s Curse.” If you haven’t read it before and plan to, be aware that this will contain...
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Seeking Solace 03.08.15

Note: This chapter contains mild Skilene.

— § —

“Marlene?” Skipper called from behind Marlene.

Marlene sat in the park, staring at her reflection in the pond. She looked in Skipper’s direction, but couldn’t meet his eye. “What are you doing here?” she asked.

Skipper frowned. “Someone told me they saw you leave the zoo. I was worried. What’s wrong?” he asked sitting seguinte to her.

Marlene glanced at him, afraid to answer. “It’s nothing. I just came out here to think.”

Skipper studied her. “Marlene, I know you. Something is troubling you. You know...
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Dream 02.13.15

Note: Well, anyone who knows me had to know I was going to do a Skilene one eventually. Happy Valentine’s!

— § —

Unable to sleep, Skipper pulled himself topside for some fresh air. He had that nightmare again, the same one he’d been having every night for a week. He hadn’t told anyone about it yet—partly because it was really disturbing him, and partly because he didn’t want anybody worrying about him.

He ran his flippers over his face and knelt por the pool to look at his reflection. He could tell that he was tired with the circles around his eyes. The team had seemed...
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