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Penguinangel posted on Sep 03, 2010 at 10:58PM
Basically, post any kind of fails that you see either around the web or in PoM merchandise (such as Marlene's green eyes), or in the tv show (such as the clock never moving). Or maybe any times you've attempted to act like or quote one of the characters in real life and epically failed.

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over a year ago SJF_Penguin2 said…
All the little inaccuracies and inconsistencies I've come across? Let me grab my notebook and get back to you in a day or so.
over a year ago Icicle1penguin said…
If Marlene can't go outside the zoo, how come she was fine at the sewers, and fine at the pier?

Ya know, when the Penguins and Marlene went to the shipping place to get Rhonda back! :D
over a year ago JediPenguin16 said…
I think the PoM costumes are kinda fail.It looks pretty disturbing, at least to me. You can see the kid's head through the "mouth' or "beak"! It work better if it came on one of those "mascot" like costumes.
over a year ago SPKR689 said…
i once and while see that marlenes eyelashes go like into her eyebrow. i saw that in a pic here too. if i can find it
over a year ago fun123fun said…
@jei penguin true true t should be like mascots but they have those coustumes in toddlers they need fresh air and to see well
over a year ago Penguinangel said…
On the penguins profiles on Nick, along with SJF_Penguin2's catch that Kowalski's quote says "Seems like I forgot to carry the one", when it should be "Seems like I forgot to carry the two", I found under Private's quotes "Goodbye... old telly chum", when the quote is actually "Goodbye... telly old chum".
over a year ago fun123fun said…
in Blowholes Revnge

lobsters arnt red there only red when they are bolied and dr.blowhole's minons are red and some times a lobster can be blue anything but red

this is what a lobster would look like without being bolied

(when i was looking for this pic all of the lobsters were ether a kid in a lobster coustume or one that is severd on a plate next to butter)
 in Blowholes Revnge lobsters arnt red there only red when they are bolied and dr.blowhole's minons
over a year ago beastialmoon said…
well, you can't expect all of it to be one hundred percent factual. If that were the case, the penguins would be just waddling around, like they perform for the humans on the show. And it'd be boring.
On the other hand, some of this stuff is really stupid of Nick. I mean, really? They can't even get their own quotes right?
over a year ago musicluv15 said…
@Icicle-If you remember, Roomies was made before Otter Gone Wild. Maybe they did not think of Marlene's captivity thing while making Roomies. (shrugs) Just a hunch. As for the sewer, it's often under the zoo, so...yeah.

@Jedipenguin-Ugh, I know! But I'm glad they're at least thinking of POM for Halloween costumes...I just hope my sister doesn't try those costumes.
over a year ago fun123fun said…
@musicluc15 heyyy im have a owl coustum just like that =( i didnt know what i wanted to be for holoween
over a year ago musicluv15 said…
@fun123fun-Sorry; I didn't know. I mean, they could have done the costumes a bit better. Honestly, I could hardly tell which penguin was which without the captions. And Julien looked kinda weird.
over a year ago SJF_Penguin2 said…
After thinking about this several days ago (see first comment on this page), I wrote down several "errors" on a piece of paper. Here's what I got (though I'm sure there will be more eventually):

1. Julien's plastic volcano was completely hollow in "Huffin and Puffin" because the penguins and Marlene were dropped into it by Hans, yet Julien was sitting only a short depth into it when hiding in "Jungle Law"

2. Again, Marlene's eye color in early promotional material, some merchandise, and one of the unreleased clips (green) versus the way her eyes are on the actual show (brown)

3. The style and color variation of Marlene's fur on the show, with her looking furrier and with more texture in newer episodes

4. Savio is incorrectly spelled "Salvio" on the DVD case of "New to the Zoo"

5. The "Assault & Batteries" episode appears as "Assaults & Batteries" on the "Happy King Julien Day!" DVD case

6. The "Happy King Julien Day!" DVD case's summaries are not as good in terms of writing quality as those on "New to the Zoo," though both need some degree of work

7. The time on the clock in the HQ rarely changes

8. Kowalski's incorrect quote on Nickelodeon's website, which I've already opined on before

9. If I remember correctly, Rico's Mohawk was absent while he and the other penguins were inside the limo at the start of "Operation: DVD Premiere"

10. The cast of "Operation: Cooties" lists the characters "Boy #1," "Boy #2," and "Boy #33" (so, what happened to Boys number 3 through 22?)

11. In the end credits of "Eclipsed," the title is written "Eclipse"

12. Marlene able to leave the zoo without incident in "Roomies" and "The Lost Treasure of the Golden Squirrel" conflicts with her behavior in "Otter Gone Wild" and "Badger Pride"

13. There are some differences in the fluidness of the animation

14. What happened to the penguins' car being painted black?

15. I have a promo-era photo of Rico in which his scar is absent

16. The style of fur that the lemurs had in the "Madagascar" films, as well as the body types that the penguins had in them, are sometimes used in promotional material and images on the DVD cases

17. End credits of some episodes do not match up with the episodes shown

18. I have some issues with the punctuation in the DVD episode subtitles and on some of the characters' online profile pages

19. Kowalski wrote the word "rat" in "Crown Fools," yet states he can't read in "Driven to the Brink"

20. The many more errors and such that I have forgotten to add
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chaos-ice commented…
wew, you notice all that *salutes* over a year ago
over a year ago boobooberry said…
in the penguins of madagascar shorts that you can sometimes see on nick, during either the start or end (I can't remember) when the music kicks in and the silhouettes of the penguins are dancing to the beat of the music, Rico doesn't have his mohawk
over a year ago xDark_Angelx said…
1. In "Kaboom and Kabust", Rico completely levels and destroys the lemurs' habitat. In the next episode after that, it was like it didn't happen.

2. In "the Helmet," Rico explodes the fish, "Private's 1st Prize." But later on in the episode, it is fixed.

3. In "Rodger Dodger," when switching Rico's and Rodger's brains, Kowalski uses around a dozen individual buttons. However, there are only four in part of the scene.
4. If you look closely, in "Monkey Love," the love potion #47 changes from a light green, dark green, and back to light green.

5. Speaking of that episode, it is called "monkey love". But the chimps are not monkeys, obviously.

I think there are some more to find that we haven't mentioned yet, but I'll get back to you guys if I notice anymore.
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over a year ago SPKR689 said…
idk if anyone put this but on the website one of the missions is to name what the barrel was full of behind Rico, it is wrong the barrel was behind Kowalski.
over a year ago TheRatKing1 said…
don't know if anyone's said this, but the trees in central park are ALWAYS fall colored no matter what season it is ( except winter)