Os Pinguins de Madagascar Penguins of Madagascar's height

VDade posted on Apr 24, 2015 at 01:46PM
Hi, I'm new here. I'm VDade, nice to meet you all. And I want talk about of a thing that crossed my mind for a while. I always wondered how much tall are our featherly and flightless heroes, so a week ago I've took a screenshot from Pitbull music video "Celebrate"(the one where the singer and the penguins are walking) and I've done my 'calculations', confronting each height of the penguins with Pitbull's one. I came to two possible height for them:

Rico: 50 cm (19 inches)
Private: 45 or 37 cm (17 or 14 inches)
Kowalski: 53 or 54 cm (20 or 21 inches)
Skipper: 48 or 42 cm (18 or 16 inches)

These are the possible heights formulated by me. You're free to judge my theories and to express your ideas about that. :)

Edit: added in brackets the measures in inches.
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over a year ago TheRatKing1 said…
what is that in inches?
over a year ago VDade said…
Rico: 19 inches
Private: 17 or 14 inches
Kowalski: 20 or 21 inches
Skipper: 18 or 16 inches