Os Pinguins de Madagascar perguntas to the Fanguins

peacebaby7 posted on Jul 14, 2013 at 11:37PM
So, this is basically like a big interview. Except, everybody is interviewing everyone else. XD All you do is post some questions and the next fan answers them, then posts questions for the next fan. There are only a few rules:

1: It must be POM related.
2: Don't post more than three questions at a time, just to keep it fair.
3: There are no limits to how long an answer can be, but try not to make it so long that no one would read it.
4: If you feel uncomfortable about answering a question, just state it as your answer. But try to only do this if there are two or three questions. If there's only one question and you don't want to answer it, then let someone else. Though, hopefully no unnerving questions will be asked.

And that's it. I'll start us off with the first three questions below. And feel free to be creative with the questions! :)
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