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farahfauzi posted on Jan 25, 2013 at 12:02PM
I just thinking.. I get boring. I KNOW! Lets play Role-Dialog thing.
It like this;
Skipper;How beautyful day. No Ringtail and anything just quiet. Right mar?
It you don't understand this, just try, ok?

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over a year ago Sylvia_Puffin said…
Good idea! Sounds like fun.

Julien: *jumps out of bushes* hey, y'all, let's party! *starts dancing*
Skipper: Ringtail! You ruined the moment!
Marlene: *sighs*

(I'm starting to sort of--just sort of!--like Skilene again. It's like I just needed to get it out of my system.)
over a year ago farahfauzi said…
Ariana: hello!
Skipper: Who are you?
Ariana: your futer dauger...
over a year ago Sylvia_Puffin said…
Ooh, we get to be in it?

SP (I'll just use that, because Sylvia's my OC, and no OCs allowed!): *walks over*
Skipper: and that is?...
SP: I'm Ariana's friend. And I'm a girl. And I'm in love :P
Skipper: with who?
SP: I have a feeling you'll get mad if I tell you...
over a year ago farahfauzi said…
Ok. Sorry! I fogot.
Ariana: Hans!
Sp: Ari!
Ariana: what?
Hope everyfanguins visit this froum.
over a year ago Sylvia_Puffin said…
^me too!

SP: he'll be soooo mad!
Ariana: whoops.
SP: *hides behind Ari*
over a year ago 27Kowalski said…
(Cool Forum, I'm gonna join now if you don't mind. ^_^)

27K: *pops out of nowhere* Hey guys, what's up?
Ariana: Hey! :D
SP: Hi 27K! :)
Skipper: And who the heck are YOU?!
27K: O.O *stares at Skipper speechless* <3
Skipper: O.o
SP: *waves hand in front of my face* Hello? Anybody's home?
27K: O.O <3
Ariana: *slaps me*
27K: *snaps out of it* Ow! What was that for?!
Ariana: You were staring at Skipper...
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over a year ago Sylvia_Puffin said…
SP: (to distract Skipper from knowing about Hans) she has a thing for you.
27K: *stares at Skipper again*
Skipper: *looks creeped out*
over a year ago 27Kowalski said…
SP: e_e
27K. *snaps out of her trance* *really high voice* Whaaaaat? What did you say? Pfft! I don't have a 'thing' for him! Pfft! What makes you think that?! *blushes*
SP: *gives me a 'Are you serious?' face*
27K: What?
27K: *sighs* Alright... I may have a teeny tiny little... crush on Skipper, *blushes* but you have a thing for Hans! >:)
SP: :O ... 27K, Shut up! >:(
Skipper: WHAT?! O.e
over a year ago Sylvia_Puffin said…
SP: oh, sh**. *Hides behind Ari*
over a year ago 27Kowalski said…
Ariana: What are you doing? He can still see you, you know?
SP: Shhhh!
Skipper: >:( Seriously? Hans?! The puffin? ...Ugh, girls these days... ,':|
over a year ago Sylvia_Puffin said…
SP: c'mon, Skipper! He's hot, right?
over a year ago 27Kowalski said…
Skipper: Don't ask me that!
27K: You'll always be hotter than Hans, Skippy. <3
Skipper: O.e
over a year ago Sylvia_Puffin said…
SP: are you kidding? Skipper's not hot. Isn't Hans hot, Skipper? :P
over a year ago peacebaby7 said…
LOL guys XD

Skipper: O_________________________________________­___­___­e
PB: Yeah, but Skipper's hotter. Right 27K?
Skipper: Where did YOU come from?! e______e
PB: I'm afraid that's classified information.
Skipper: T_T Why can't I catch a break? *facepalm*
over a year ago Sylvia_Puffin said…
SP: this isn't fair! No one else likes Hansie!
Skipper: uhhhhh...what did she call him? :O
over a year ago Leonardthekoala said…
big smile
PB: Hansie? Pfft yeah right! XD Skippy is much cuter than him.
Skipper: -___- Oh great, now I have nickname too?
27K: For all you know, it makes you ten times as hot Skippy! <3
Skipper: O.e
PB: Hey, only I get to call him that >:(

(This is kinda fun :D)
over a year ago Sylvia_Puffin said…
SP: Hansie is way cuter! And when I'm older, we're gonna marry and have three kids!
Skipper: you're gonna marry a puffin?
SP: yea! :D
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over a year ago Leonardthekoala said…
Skipper: Ugh I think age is catching up to me, cause I feel like I'm about to pass out -___-
PB: I'll be your nurse Skipper :D
Skipper: Forget it, I'd rather have the guys take care of me, right Private? *looks around* Private? *sees him too busy to care because of Lunacorns on tv*
27K: Well they don't seem to care Skipper :P
Skipper: Oh come on! >:(
SP: Well good luck with that, meanwhile I'm gonna go see Hans in our room together

(Ok I think I won't reply for a while after this)
Sylvia_Puffin commented…
Wait, what? I'm fourteen! Not ready for that... over a year ago
over a year ago Sylvia_Puffin said…
PB: uh...you're going to...
SP: no, of course not. I'm not old enough for that, don't you think?
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over a year ago Sylvia_Puffin said…
(Are y'all still doing this?)
27Kowalski commented…
Yeah, I am. I've just been busy with homeworks and school stuff. :P over a year ago
over a year ago 27Kowalski said…
PB: Well...kinda... :P
27K: Yeeeah... I think I'll go to see the Lunacorns with Private now. :)
Skipper: You like that Lunacorn mush? O.e
27K: Pfft! No! But I want to stay with Private a little bit. :3
over a year ago Sylvia_Puffin said…
SP: I'll come!
over a year ago peacebaby7 said…
PB: Ok, you all go watch the Lunacorns with Private and I'll stay here and stalk-I mean, talk to Skipper. *nervous laugh* :)
Skipper: O.o
over a year ago Sylvia_Puffin said…
SP: talk to? I highly doubt just that...
PB: no, no! I'm just talking. *Takes picture of Skipper when his not looking.* I wonder if he would autograph this....
peacebaby7 commented…
XD over a year ago
over a year ago peacebaby7 said…
Skipper: I'm gonna go waaaaaaay over there now. O.o
PB/27K: Wait! *looks at each other* >:(
over a year ago Sylvia_Puffin said…
SP: wait, guys...don't fight. I think the dude's supposed to fight over the girls...is that how it works? I don't know...I'm just gonna go sit in the corner and read weird books no one else likes like I do in school. :D
over a year ago 27Kowalski said…
27K: Aaaalright. :P
Skipper: *tries to tip toe away*
PB: Hey! What do ya think you're doing, Skippy?
Skipper: Oh I dunno... MAYBE RUN AWAY FROM YOU WEIRDOS! >:(
SP: *reads book*
over a year ago Sylvia_Puffin said…
27K: no! Skipper! Don't leave me!
PB: don't leave ME.
27K: no, me!
SP: *reading fantasy book*
over a year ago Sylvia_Puffin said…
Y'all still here?
farahfauzi commented…
well, I guess yes. But they WERE busy... over a year ago
Sylvia_Puffin commented…
So are you still doing it? over a year ago
over a year ago farahfauzi said…
Why this forum is dead....