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peacebaby7 posted on Sep 16, 2012 at 04:44PM
Remember 'An Elephant Never Forgets' when grown up Kid Kazoo was talking to animal control and the computer voice on the phone had no idea what he was saying?

Kid Kazoo: Elephant...Elephant....ELEPHANT!!!
Computer guy: You said...enterglades pigmey sundae.

Kid Kazoo: Penguins? Now there's penguins?!
Computer guy: You said...meletland milksnake.

I HATE it when that happens! XD Anyway, that's what this forum is about. The first person "says" something to the next person that's POM related, and the next person twists it around to say something completely outrageous! For example:

peacebaby7: Skipper's singing is awesome!

RandomFan123: You said...Skipping cerebellum forte.

I love the Penguins of Madagascar!

RandomFan456: You said...Glove pensions oh mad ascot.

King Julien's crown.

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