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Afternoon, and there was a knock on the door…

Kowalski, who was sitting against a mural of the HQ, looked up from his book that he was leitura and stared at the door. Private rolled over from within his bunk and glanced at the door, as well. Skipper groaned and made his way towards the fonte of the sound. He seemed to be doing most of the work, lately. The others only seemed to be interested in quarrels and drama. The leader longed to go on another successful mission with his teammates; like they used to. Otherwise, life at the zoo was beginning to lose its meaning. But something kept him going…

When Skipper swung the door open, he was immediately confronted por his neighbor, who was panting for breath. She appeared to have been running or something of the sort.

“Marlene! What’s the pro-”

The lontra smiled, stepped forward, and wrapped an arm around the pinguim “No, no, no! Don’t say anything! Just…just c’mon! Follow me!” she laughed, guiding Skipper towards the exit.

He nervously turned his head to look back at the others, “Eh…I’ll be back, shortly, team! Just, uh…stay on your toes while I’m gone…” he finished just before the door slammed shut.

A long, awkward silence followed.

Private eventually looked to Kowalski and decided to say something. At first, he hesitated.


“I’m not telling you, Private…”


“So, what’s this all about, Marlene?” he asked as the couple walked through the zoo and towards the otter’s habitat.

“What, can’t two friends just hang out, once in a while?” said Marlene, with a smirk.

“Of course! It’s just…” he paused when he was given a curious glance, “…you can never be too cautious!” he suddenly stood straight and stiffened his posture as he walked. However, his face clearly expressed a nervousness that was thought to be hidden.

Marlene narrowed her eyes, but retained her smirk, “Hey, what’s that supposed to mean?”

“Well…it never hurts to be a little-”

“Am I not trustworthy, now?”

“Marlene, I was just-”

She walked closer to Skipper, for a moment, and gave him a light push, followed por laughter.

“What, am I one of…Dr. Blowhorn’s spies…or something?”

“Blowhole…” he corrected with a sigh.

Marlene continued to chuckle, never realizing how cute Skipper appeared when he was frustrated.

The two eventually reached the otter’s home.

Inside, Rico was applying the final touches to Marlene’s cave. He had just lit the remaining candle when Skipper walked in from behind.

“Rico! How’s life at the cave?” he clapped the heavyset pinguim across the back. Marlene quietly followed close behind, not noticing the scene that had occurred.

Rico slightly smiled and forced a chuckle, wasting no time in leaving the vicinity. From past experience, the last thing he wanted was to get involved with romance. From this point, the pinguim chose to linger near the entrance. Marlene and Skipper, of course, continued to head deeper into the tunnel.

“So, what do you think?” questioned Marlene, who turned to Skipper and rested her hands on her hips.

Skipper's eyes expanded at the sight of the decorations. For a moment, he was speechless. Marlene used this moment to make her way to the stereo, pushing a button to play the prepared piece. In response, Skipper tilted his head and rubbed the back of his neck with a flipper.

“Well, Marlene…this is very unexpected, but-”

“Oh, I knew you’d say that!” she interrupted, pulling Skipper towards the centered red table, “C’mon, let’s just sit for a while!”

The confused pinguim was placed into a stone chair, opposite of Marlene’s side of the table.

“Tell me all about your little missions…” Marlene rested her head on her hands, her elbows on the table, and leaned progressivo, para a frente with a smile.

Skipper laughed, shaking his head in disbelief, “Is this a joke?”

The lontra narrowed her eyes.

“What? No!” her head shot up, “Why would you say that? Isn’t everything nice? I mean…is there someone else?”

“You’ve got it all wrong, Marlene! Everything is…well…the cave looks nice; very nice! But…you’ve yet to tell me why I’m here. Wait, what did you-?”

“Eh, you’re right! I’m just overreacting, I guess.” she laughed, “Um, you wanna dance?” Marlene suddenly hopped to her feet, pulling Skipper from his table.

I’m moving too fast.

I’m rushing!

I need to calm down!

Just calm down, Marlene!

No big deal…

…he’s just a penguin!

An attractive penguin.

A very attractive penguin!

Skipper reluctantly joined in her enthusiasm. Marlene grabbed his flippers and set them on her hips. He looked down at what she had just done and glanced back up.

“I’ve never really done this, before…”

Marlene blinked, “Are you serious?”

“Well…yes…” he looked away, embarrassed.

The lontra giggled and looked down at both of their feet. The pinguim did so, as well…

“It’s really easy. You just…step with the beat.” She paused, guiding Skipper’s feet with the use of her own, “Just…do this…and then bring this foot around here. And then do it again…”

The pinguim grunted in frustration as he stumbled a bit. Marlene unintentionally caught the penguin, preventing him from falling flat on his beak. Skipper chuckled nervously, stiffening to once again maintain his balance. Marlene could only smile at the scene. For a short while, the two simply remained embraced and stared at each other; the only sound being that of the song that played from the stereo. So far, things were starting to pick up the pace. The mood was finally beginning to set, and Skipper seemed to feel comfortable in Marlene’s presence.

Marlene began to laugh, “What’s wrong, Skipper? You’re shaking! Skipper?”

However, Rico couldn’t urso to watch any longer. The romantic setting only reminded him of his doll.

His doll…

Perhaps he could use this time to his advantage.

And so he did.

He chose to turn and leave while the two lovebirds were getting busy. He made his way out of Marlene’s habitat and towards his home.


Early night, and there was a knock on the door…

Kowalski, who was still leitura his book, looked up and stared at the door. Private remained asleep from within his bunk, leaving the intellectual with the job of answering the knock. Only, it unexpectedly answered itself. The door quickly swung open and Rico waddled in, looking very calm and collected; a rare sight. He almost ignored Kowalski, stepping past him and walking along as if he wasn’t being watched.

“Erm…Rico?” he asked, setting his book aside while rising to his feet.

The heavyset one said nothing, as usual, and continued his venture through the HQ.

“Rico, what are you doing here? Where’s Marlene?” he continued to ask, following the silent pinguim throughout the area.

Rico simply made a low sound that resembled a growl. Kowalski sighed and stopped following him. Instead, he folded his flippers and watched. Finally, Rico came across his doll. It had been lying in a corner, all this time. He didn’t waste any time in hoisting the plastic woman over his shoulder. Then, he turned and headed for the door. Kowalski blinked once he understood what was happening. He suddenly took a few running steps towards the other pinguim and reached out for his shoulder.

“Rico, wait!”

Although he meant well, Kowalski was then confronted with a cold glare. Rico had swiftly turned, stopping the intelligent one in his tracks.

“Look, I simply need to tell you…” he hesitated, causing Rico to arch a brow, “…I’m sorry, Rico.”

Kowalski followed this statement with the attempt of a hug.

Sadly, Rico forcefully shoved Kowalski away.

“Rico, I’m not like that, anymore…” he sighed, feeling hurt that their relationship would ever come to this, “I’ve changed.”

In response, Rico shook his head and narrowed his eyes, “Liar…” he muttered, pointing to Kowalski.

“No, it’s true! I’ve done much thinking during your absence.”

Rico simply shook his head once more.

At first, it wasn’t clear as to why he was being so stubborn. Of course, after little thought, he soon realized what he was referring to.

“You’re upset that I lied to Skipper…”

Rico nodded.

“You never thought…that I was a freak?” Kowalski muttered, lowering his head in shame of asking such a question, “You…only wanted me to be…honest?”

Rico sighed and dropped his doll on the ground. He then stepped progressivo, para a frente and wrapped his flippers around the hurt friend.

Kowalski did the same, doing his best to retain the tears from forming. He was sick of weeping…

“I miss you, Rico…”


And then he picked up his doll and left…

It almost happened in a flash.

Kowalski was left standing near the door, silent from the emotions that filled his heart.

From behind, Private yawned and sat up while rubbing his eyes.

“Who was that, K’walski?”
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My first fanfic :D

Marlene looks over to the entrance "Doors wide open." Skipper looks over "Good. You gonna make a distraction again?" Marlene walks over to the doorway "Oh sure, I'm just distraction anyway, right?" Skipper walks over to Marlene "Yep,and your the best, now can we get going?" Private and Rico both follow close behind skipper as they sneak their way over to the desk. "Kowalski!" Skipper whispers. Kowalski looks over at Skipper "How do we get out?" Skipper points to Marlene "She's got us covered." Marlene runs up to Alice and pulls on her pants to get her attention. "Get ready...
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At Los Angeles Convention Center about 15 years in the future

Carsfan: (as a reporter) A huge crowd of fellow fanguins are waiting outside the Los Angeles Convention Center, the location of the POM Convention, to catch a glimpse of their idols before it starts. They should be here any moment. Wait, yes, yes, they're here. The penguins are here! (a limo pulls up and 70s/2020s version of the penguins come out)
70s Skipper: Are you sure about this look, Kowalski?
70s Kowalski: You have to mover backward to go foreward, Skipper! Besides, I believe some fanguins here pretty muched begged to see us like...
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 Skipper tops Marlene's mouth.
Skipper tops Marlene's mouth.
Above the HQ...
*go's up to Marlene*
Marlene:Skipper,um,what's with the ring?
Skipper:I'm purposing to Cream
*Skipper tops her mouth*
Skipper:Yes,I am
*Skipper leaves*
Somewhere in Coney Island...
*??? talks in walkie-talkie*
???:I finally reached Coney Island
Cream:You did?
???:Yes,where are you?
Cream:Behind you,Marx
*Marx turns around*
*they hugged*
Back at the HQ...
Private:You are so nasty,Skipper!*disgusted*
Skipper:What?!Cream was doing that in front of me,so I recorded it!
Kowalski:Wow,I'm so excited!!!
Private:You're nasty,too!
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Dreaming in Black ‘N’ White

Chapter 2 – The Competition

    Back at the Central Park Zoo, Kowalski, Rico and Private were desperately trying to think of ways to change Skipper’s mind. “What are we going to do?!” Private asked the others, with a concerned look on his face, “This is only one night of the entire year. Skipper can’t afford to miss it.” “Don’t worry Private. I’m sure Skipper will come tonight. He just need time to think this through is all.” Kowalski assured him. “Do you think he would?” “Affirmative. However, if you’re not positively...
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“MARLENE!!” Skipper screamed as he pushed Marlene away from the incoming danger. BAM! “I got him Sissle!” said the man with a bulky feature. “Very good, Brick. Let’s get out of here before someone else sees us.” Said the man named Sissle. “What about the rat?” Brick was referring to Marlene. “Like I said, Brick. They are just dumb animals. These birds just got lucky in outsmarting us.” Sissle replied. “You shouldn’t have meddled with us in robbing that diamond necklace.” “We’re glad we came across you-.” He motioned Brick to throw the cage to the ground over...
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***One shot story about Marlene comforting Skipper in the hospital***

„ Our last quarrel in front of the snowcone chart, two days ago… You know it was just bantering, ey?” whispered Marlene, fixing her eyes at Skipper’s pale face. “I never meant to hurt your feelings, Skipper. You’re the best chum I’ve ever had in my life”.
She paused for a while and clasped her paws tightly, making the most of herself not to burst into tears. The doctor could enter the room any minute, and she knew she was risking a lot sitting there, but she absolutely didn’t feel like leaving her friend....
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A Skilene-Filled September
Scenario 3: “Do You Take This Otter?”
Friday, September 3, 2010

It was the biggest event taking place at the zoo in years, and all the animais wanted to urso witness to it. On a dia that the zoo was closed for repairs, a crowd of animais gathered inside and outside of the zoovenir comprar to watch the ceremony: Antonio and Marlene were getting married.

At 1 o’clock in the afternoon, the event got underway as Marlene walked through the zoovenir shop’s main entrance and began her procession down the aisle, escorted por Maurice. As Kowalski played “Here Comes the Bride”...
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A Skilene-Filled September
Scenario 2: “Dating Practice”
Thursday, September 2, 2010

Just shy of nine months since she had gone on that infamous encontro, data with Fred, Marlene chuckled to herself as she recalled the whole escapade. She found it funny that she had found him funny, only to learn too soon that her “Bobo” was just a run-of-the-mill buffoon. In fact, she had all but sworn off dating ever again the very seguinte day.

But could she truly hold out on dating again forever? Marlene soon pondered such a question.

Forever certainly is an awfully long time,” she then thought to herself. “Maybe...
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Note: The following is the first of three samples I will be posting here of my FanFiction.net composição literária project “A Skilene-Filled September.” In the project, I will write and publicar one short story daily in the mês of September 2010 which will explain one possible way that Skipper and Marlene could get together for the first time. My personal composição literária style has always been to portray Skipper and Marlene as just really good friends and to only “hint” at something more, but I have decided to exempt this project -- and only this project -- from that standard.

On FanFiction.net, a much longer...
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The team were just in the middle of there planing of how to get off the island. Manly just trying to avoid the annoying lemurs.
Skipper:"Kowalski watch you got for me?!"
Kowalski pulls out a blue paper and unwraps it on a smooth rock. Skipper looks down to see the blue prints better.
Skipper:"So, a jaunt funda, estilingue shot Kowalski?"
He looks up at Kowalski, eye brows cocked still leaning foreword.
Kowalski:"Yes sir, its 73% full proof."
Looking at Skipper as if he has created the most brilliant plan ever.
He say's confused looking at the plans once more.
Skipper:"what would we even do with...
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Private stirred quietly on the mesa, tabela he was lying on, his eyes lids slowly lifting, allowing light to pour into his pupils. He searched around the HQ for a moment and saw Kowalski sitting down leitura the newest edition of Science Magazine, composição literária furiously as he read.

Rico and Skipper were no where to be found.

Finally the pain from his wounds hit him like a ton of bricks.

His head began to throb. He placed his good flipper on his head and let out a soft moan, “Oww…my head.”

Kowalski quickly snapped his attention to the young penguin. “Private? You’re awake! Don’t try and mover much,...
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(for all thoughs who didn't read the first one kowalski's invention pulled every body into Skippers dream will they were all sleeping and made it become real right now they woke up in what apeard to be a desert......)
The pinguim West por pinguim Girl
"what in the amor of science?" Kowalski says confused as he looked around.
"Um...Kowalski I don't suppose you know were we are do you?" Privat says looking at kowalski.
"Nagatory." said Kowalski in return.
"Hay!, look over there!" Privat yelld to the reast of them will pointing at a small town off in the distance. When they got to the small town it...
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(next day)

Private: I'm soo happy that you saved Marlene, Skippa'!
Kowalski: I'm sure she'll appreciates it.
Rico: Mmm-hmm!

Private: So, What was your fortune? Mine was I will learn to overcome my fear. The only problem is, which one?
Kowalski: Mine is that I will make an invention that'll ruin everything.
Skipper: Didn't that happen before?
Kowalski: I guess I'll do it again.
Rico: Blasgal oapea glsbalalagalalep
Private: That's nice Rico! Skippa', what's yours?
Skipper: Umm, Well, It's kinda like...

(Marlene enters)

Marlene: oi guys!
Private: oi Marlene! We're talking about the fortunes Darla told us!...
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I just learned about the Great Migration in history class today. I knew it sounded familiar! :P Anyway, no relation between this and the history one.
"So, who likes surprises?"

"Private," Skipper sipped his peixe coffee, "I'm having an odd case of déjà vu." He banged his mug down on the table. "And I'm not liking it!"

Kowalski sat down beside his leader. "You're not the only one, sir."

Private glanced between them nervously. "I know you're both thinking about the Antarctic incident, but this is different! Besides, we did learn that penguins and leopard seals can live together...
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Disclaimer: I don't owe any of the characters of the Penguins of Madagascar or any of the places related to the ones that can actually be found or the ones from the show. I do own the story's plot, though, so don't steal my idea. Thanks!

"You're what?" Skipper turned to Leroy. "How could you not think it was necessary to tell us you were the prince?" he yelled. "What would the tartaruga nation think if they knew Ringtail had 'caught' you with a blanket? You could have had a concussion from falling down the hatch like that!"

Kowalski went on where his leader had paused to take a breath. "And the...
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I amor this one! It's so weird seeing the voices coming out of the actors! But it still was so freakin hilarious!!!! XDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDX
This is my very special video to Mr. Jeff Bennett. Enjoy! ^-^
jeff bennett
voice atuação
new episode the Penguins of Madagascar!
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