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Kowalski had just made it to Coney Island. He was now standing right outside Blowhole and Doris's stage. He couldn't help but think:

Should I really be doing this? What if it doesn't work? What if she chooses Blowhole? What if I'm making the biggest mistake of my life?......

What he heard seguinte made his mind up for him. They were laughing and splashing around. Kowalski hopped up onto the mural surrounding the stage and Doris and Blowhole looked up at him. Doris sighed. "What are you doing here Kowalski?" Blowhole had a look on his face...a look of recognition... "Don't I know you?" Kowalski didn't know what to say...he hadn't planned what he would say to Blowhole. "Um...I don't think so...." Doris turned to Blowhole. "Where would you know him from?"

"I don't know...but that face...that name...it seems like I know him from somewhere..."

"Kowalski....what are you doing here?" Doris asked again. Kowalski hesitated...but he knew he had to warn her. If she wasn't going to be with him...by golly she shouldn't go with him.

"Can I speak to you alone?" Kowalski asked.

Doris sighed. "Fine. Excuse us Flippy." Kowalski held back a rather girlish snicker. Doris and he went to the other side of the stage. "Will you tell me why you're here now? Even though I think I already know the answer..."

"Doris...It's about Bl...I mean...Flippy. He's not the kind of person you want to affiliate yourself with..."

"What are you talking about? Flippy has been nothing but nice to me."

"You...you don't understand...I--"

"You what? You know nothing about him. Look...I know you're just jealous and you're trying to win me over but....I just don't feel the same way. Why do you find that so hard to accept?"

"Doris, please, if you won't pick me just don't go with Blow...uh..Flippy!"

"And why not? Is there something you're not telling me Kowalski?"

"I...." Kowalski couldn't tell her the real reason. So he lied. "No...but--"

"Then that settles it. I'm sorry Kowalski." Doris swam back to where Blowhole was floating. Kowalski was about to leave sadly when the other three jumped up on the mural with a flip. "Kowalski!" Skipper yelled. Kowalski...now frightened...jumped off the wall, the other three chasing him. Skipper flipped in front of Kowalski and stopped him.

"Kowalski! Are you mad man?!"

"Skipper! I--"

"You what?!?!"

"I'm sorry! But I couldn't--"

"Yes you could! You disobeyed my orders! We were going to help but no! You had to go and almost get yourself caught! C'mon. We can talk mais about this at HQ."

The penguins left, Kowalski hanging his head in shame...none of them realizing what Skipper had just done.


Skipper--upon making back to HQ--blew up on Kowalski.

"KOWALSKI! I can't BELIEVE you did such a thing! Do you realize what could've happened?!?! I'm surprised Blowhole didn't remember everything the segundo he saw you! And on topo, início of that...it was RINGTAIL who convinced you to do so! You should know as well as anybody that his hair-brained ideas NEVER turn out for the better!"
He turned around, rubbing his temples, and leaned against the mesa, tabela on his elbows.


"Save it Kowalski. Just turn in for the night."

Kowalski began to say something, but decided against it. He did as told and lay down in his bunk. So did Private and Rico. However none of them could sleep.


The seguinte morning, Skipper had cooled off a little. None of them had slept a wink...considering Skipper's outburst. Private, Rico, and especially Kowalski, were all afraid to say anything to him...not knowing what to expect him to say or do. It was Kowalski who finally had the guts to break the awkward silence. He cautiously walked over to Skipper, who was silently sipping his peixe coffee.

"Um...Skipper? I just..I...I really am sorry for what I did." He didn't know what else to say. He really was sorry. Skipper stopped sipping abruptly, still staring off into space. He didn't know what to say to him...especially after he just blew up like that. He put his mug down, still not meeting Kowalski's eye. "No...I'm sorry. I shouldn't have exploded like that. It's just...I wasn't angry...I was afraid...afraid of what might have happened. There's no excuse for my outburst." He finally looked over at Kowalski before finishing. "I'm sorry Kowalski."

Kowalski was taken back...as were the other two. They weren't expecting such an apology from Skipper. Kowalski waddled closer to him. "I'll forgive if you will." Kowalski said with a sympathetic smile. The corner of Skipper's beak curled into a slight smile as well, and nodded. "Deal." Private smiled and waddled happily over to Skipper and Kowalski and hugged them both. "Yay! Now everything can go back to normal! Right Skipper!?" Skipper chuckled. "Yeah, I guess so. OK, boys! Topside!" Upon command, the three of them went up the hatch onto their island. The zoo had just opened and they began their adorable antics for the guests.
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Aaah I really want to do vídeos again but I still working in some projects , I think this video here is very Good :-D h
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A Skipper toy put out por McDonald’s for “Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa.” He says “Just smile and wave, boys” and “Progress report!” This is NOT a video I created; I merely found it on YouTube and placed it in this section.
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Lol, before we start, have I said that I went to the penguins' habitat to meet my friends, the ninja pins? Oh yeah, I had! Well, I'm going to visit them again with my brand new automatic walker made por Kowalski.

Walking, walking, walking... Lol, yes, were (or I'm) there! Private noticed me come in through the front door, so he decided to secretly put some peanut manteiga winkies inside of me. I took a quick glance behind me, and I saw them!

Without any walkers, they stood there like they've saw a ghost. Automatically walked to them.

"Lol hai, Ben," I greeted him.
"I'm gonna tell you why do we...
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Small Video form the movie MADAGASCAR: ESCAPE 2 AFRICA, when the Penguins roubou the Turistic Car in the midle of the desert! It´s so FUNNY!!!
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