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posted by kivamarie
the seguinte mourning. my dress was dry again and my shoes aren't wet too. so I woke up and then put on my dress and my shoes back on.

Me: skipper wake up.

Skipper: (wakes up) oh Kiva you're awake.

Me: yeah and I got good news and bad news. the good news is that the barco is okay. the bad news is that the rocks smashed the barco into pieces.

Skipper: well so much for our one only ticket getting out of here.

Me: great were stuck in here with no comida no water and no shelter. what are we going to do skipper?! (hugs skipper) I don't want to die I really don't want to die skipper!

Skipper: don't panic. we just need to think of something and, Kiva what are you doing!?

Me: trying to get out of here that's what.

so I try to get out of here but I ended up getting wet.

Me: dang it!

Skipper: don't try swimming out of here Kiva the water is filled with sharks.

Me: yeah you're right skipper I'll be dead if I do something like that.

Skipper: well there are actually a few stuff that are not wet.

Me: like what?

Skipper: well there's a book, matches, and the biscoitos, cookies are still in the bag.

Me: what about the knife?

Skipper: it's still there Kiva.

Me: whew.

Skipper: but the heat is making us dehydrate. we need to keep cool.

Me: like how?

Skipper: get your bow wet then put it back on your head to keep cool.

Me: what about you skipper?

Skipper: I'm using this black thing to put it in the water and putting it on my forehead to keep cool.

Me: okay.

after me and skipper manage to keep cool for a while. me and skipper went to find water.

Me: skipper I'm feeling all weak.

Skipper: keep it together Kiva. look a cactus that's where it has water inside.

Me: really?! give me the knife.

skipper gets the faca for me and I did something like I shouldn't be alive.

Skipper: what are you doing?

Me: cutting some of the cactus off for us to drink it. it may sound crazy skipper but we need water to drink in order to survive.

after me and skipper drink the water from the cactus me and skipper made shelter from parts of the boat. that night I kept on swatting the bugs.

Me: ugh! stupid bugs! I hate bug bites!

Skipper: well bugs happen to get blood, and you look like a mess.

in fact skipper was right i do look like a mess my bow has rips and it has cuts on my bow and my dress nothing but rages.

Me: skipper you and me have been on this island for two days and I'm already a mess!

Skipper: calm down Kiva! let's just get some sleep and try to think of something tomorrow.

Me: (calms down) yeah you're right we need to get some rest.

but little did I know it's going to be tough for me to sleep.
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