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"maybe because we're tied?" Silvia pointed sarcastically, she had a better humor than yesterday

"why, WHY!" Savio shouted, sad

both needed to do their average things- with the other one seguinte to them! brush their teeth, eat, even go to the bathroom (dont ask how)

"hmm..." Skipper let out, he used his binoculars to see the both, they hadn't fought in the whole morning, but none had talked to the other, he was hid in the chamilion habitat, kowalski, rico, private, and marlene were there too, marlene, she had sneaked

"kowalski analysis!" Skipper shouted

"If they keep this tipe of comportation, they will be together in.............never"

"ba bag!" rico said (thats bad!)

"Mr paranoia only keeps distance, I'll interfer!" Marlene told to herself as she passed through a ventilation tube, this gave her bad memories

"at lest I wont let you kill anybody" Silvia said finally

"oh come o-" Savio was cut for the lontra which produced a sound when she reached their habitat

"what the-" Marlene murmured, she did no noise, she looked back and saw him: Skipper had accidentaly blocked the way out, now they would have to wait to the bath hora to get out

Marlene saw the oportunity, she could do Silvia's voice, and Skipper Savio's. The two reptiles layed on the ground, both annoyed

"how could I tell him?" Savio heard, thinking it was Silvia, but it was Marlene.

"how could you tell me what?" savio said, confused

"huh?" Silvia was also confused

"never mind" Savio said, he turned around. Skipper acted like if he and Marlene had already done this, Marlene didn't even told him

"Looks like I really am interested in her" Skipper said, copying perfectly Savio's voice

"who are you talking about?" Silvia asked

"what?" Savio said, not understanding the question

"ah, I meant that I amor you Silvia!" Skipper said, as he clapped Marlene's hand, both were incredibly happy

"WHAT?!" Silvia shouted

"your amor corresponds mine!" Marlene shouted, hearing and seeing all the indirect conversation

"so thats why you did this!" Savio shouted

"oh-oh" the animais in the tube said, as they saw that their romantic transformation, made them go mais angry at each one

the glass opened, and the snakes got out for bathtime, the other animais sat at the ventilation tube, they were speechless

"looks like I failed...again...in this day..." Skipper murmured as he went out

"fail twice today...." Marlene asked herself, as she felt confused, angry, and sad.
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I Made This For A request for skipperfan5431 No rude comments or Negative Comments Please Enjoy (Penguin/Penguin Version)
*Lily Was sitting In The Central Park When..
Private:Ok skipper you Can Do This
Skipper:I Can't Private Shes so cute I Get Nervosus Aroung cute girls Like Her
Private:Can You At Least Ry Sir?
Skipper:Ok I Can Do This
*skipper Walks Over To Liily And Liily Saw Skipper Comin to her
Lily:Hi skipper Sir What's up?
Skipper:Uhh.I Don't Know uhh would You..You Go.. On A encontro, data eith..Me?
*Lily hugs Skipper Hard and skipper's Face Turns Red As a apple*
Lily:Of course I Will I Benn Waitin For...
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