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posted by midnightangel88
rarity: well darling whats your name (levitates a cup of tea)
private: my names private i'm british from the Londres zoo
applejack: well nice to meet you private my name's aguardente de maçã
twilight: my names princess twilight sparkle
rarity: i am rarity (sips tea)
rainbow dash: i'm arco iris, arco-íris dash (fly's fast towards him)
private: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
rainbow: (stops) oh sorry i guess you don't like scary things
private: (nods) what about the yellow pónei, pônei over there
fluttershy: i am fluttershy
private: (sighs) i miss skippah
rainbow: i am pretty sure they will find you
private: thanks for...
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posted by midnightangel88
private: uh (wakes up) where are we skippah
pinkie: (pops out of nowhere) hi there my names pinkie
private: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
pinkie: oh i'm sorry
private: skippah skippah where are you (wimpers)
pinkie: oi whats wrong
private: (crys) skippah
pinkie: (picks him up and brings him to twilights)
private: where am i (wimpers) skippah please come
twilight: who's skipper
private: skippah's m-my brother so are kowalski and rico (wimpers) i don't know where i am i'm scared
fluttershy: aww what a poor thing
meanwhile at the hq
skipper: oi where's private (hears something)
tv: skippah's my brother so are kowalski and rico (wimpers) i don't know where i am i'm scared
they travel there
skipper: were here
private: (wimpers and gets taken to canterlot)
to be continued
posted by midnightangel88
private: oh ya skippah this is my mom
melody: hello my names melody nice to meet you skippah
skippah: nice to meet you too
melody: oi private wanna go get something special you deserve it come
private: okay mom
skipper: kowalski analysis
kowalski: i have no idea
private: mom can i have 2 boxes of amendoim manteiga winkies please
melody: sure here
both: (eats amendoim manteiga winkies)
private: ohlookoverthereiseeabirdheheheyay
melody: private high on sugar rush
private: okwaitheymomdidn'tseeyoutherehuhyoudidn'teitherhuh
private: (wakes up) mom what happened
melody: sugar rush private
to be continued
posted by midnightangel88
 private: mom (hugs mom)
private: mom (hugs mom)
private: oi guys whats up
kowalski: nothing much you have any nines
rico: nuh go peixe (eats fish)
skipper: private we got a letter in the mail for you
private: really skippah (grabs letter)
dear private
i am coming for a visit today you may not remember me cause you were just a baby boy bu be on your best behavior before i get there
amor melody (mom)
private: my mothers coming for ah visit todah
private: mom (hugs mom)
melody: private my sweet little boy look how big you've grown (looks at shocked penguins in the back)
skipper: what the heck is going on here
to be continued
posted by SJF_Penguin2
link if you would like to access the first chapter.


Off the Shelf
A Penguins of Madagascar fanfic
Chapter 2: "Career Change"

Liz glanced at her daughter in the back assento through the rearview mirror of her silver Subaru Outback. "So, have you named your little friends yet?"

"Yes." Chelsea held Skipper up. "This is Mr. Penguin." And then held up Marlene. "And this is Mrs. Penguin."

"No, no, sweetie. The brown one is an otter. Remember the story I told you in the gift shop?"

"I know she's an otter, Mom. But she changed her name when she got married."

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posted by SJF_Penguin2
Off the Shelf
A Penguins of Madagascar fanfic
Chapter 1: "Operation: No mais Foolish Risks"

It was a typical morning at the Central Park Zoo. The birds in the air were singing; their flightless cousins below were smiling and waving. Julien was kicking Mort off his feet; Alice had her feet on her desk. Mason and Phil were playing chess. Leonard was asleep. Marlene was out of her habitat and running toward the Zoovenir shop.

"Well, that's unusual," Private said as he saw Marlene pato behind a garbage can. She was about three-quarters of the way between her habitat and the Zoovenir comprar entrance.

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posted by mostar1219
Heyllo, fanguins. Listen, I've been thinking a bit. I know a good amount of us have moved on beyond being fanguins (definitely have myself onto the youtube fandom), yet we still haven't forgotten that being fanguins was our thing. I was thinking, if some are still able to on youtube, maybe we can all make our own fanguin related vídeos to put in a big playlist to show that we are still here, maybe kinda like a digital time capsule sort of thing. Since the Penguinfest thing crumbled before it could even begin, this could be like a way for us to still reconnect. So, what do you guys think if you can make sense of it?
Tears 01.12.17

Note: Hey, guys! Bet you all thought I forgot about this. College life has been off to a stressful start, so I've been neglecting my composição literária to deal with it. Nonetheless, I will continue to update as I can. This semester has been a lot easier so far so I'll do my best. I posted it to FanFiction but I forgot to post it here. If you're leitura this I hope you enjoy it.

This short takes place following The Big S.T.A.N.K.

— § —

Skipper held pressed his flippers to his temples as the stress of the situation skyrocketed. Why couldn't it just end?

Kowalski leaned closer to Private....
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January 1, 2015

Skipper paced back and forth just outside Marlene’s habitat. It was Friday, at almost eight o’clock at night. He promised he would tell her what had really happened that dia Blowhole had used his Serum on her, but he didn’t really realize what exactly he’d have to put into words. No matter how he arranged the confession in his mind, he couldn’t figure out how to say it without things getting too awkward. mais importantly, he couldn’t figure out how to say it.

Finally, it was coming up on the hora and Skipper wasn’t planning on being late, especially...
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“The Other Man That Doesn’t Exist Yet”
December 11, 2014

Skipper stood outside Marlene’s habitat. Earlier that day, the team had snuck into Alice’s office to order some sweet elusive Polish sauerkraut, and Alice had left the sign-up list for the Breeding Program on her computer. Marlene’s name was on it. From the moment he saw it, his coração fluttered. He wasn’t quite sure why. It was just the thought of Marlene feeling as if she needed someone. Why that would bother him was another mystery. He took a deep breath and entered.

“Hey, Skipper! What’s up?” Marlene said as he approached...
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“Really Together”
November 18, 2014

Skipper and Marlene smiled as they finished decorating the small natal árvore in her habitat. Once they’d finished wrapping thin garlands and LED lights around it and hanging tiny hand-made ornaments, they stood back and admired their work.

“Well,” Skipper said, taking her por the waist from the side, “I think it turned out pretty well.”

Marlene smiled and rested her paw on his chest. “I think so too. I had a good time decorating it with you.”

Skipper looked back to the tree. “You too, Marlene,” he replied. “Let’s turn off the lights...
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“Tuckered Out”
November 1, 2014

Marlene yawned. “Thanks for taking me to that Enrique Guitaro concert, guys,” she said to the penguins as they drove her home. “It went a lot better than last time. And going backstage? That was”—she yawned again as if she hadn’t slept in days—“really awesome,” she finished.

Skipper chuckled from his place to the right of her. “I don’t think staying up all the way to one in the morning is a good idea for you.”

Marlene shook her head. “No, no, I’m awake.” She fought off another yawn and rubbed her eyes. “Tack as a sharp.”

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“Nothing to be Afraid of”
November 1, 2014

“Come on, Skipper!” Marlene urged, pulling him toward the Dia das bruxas Haunted House in Central Park. “It’ll be awesome!”

“It’ll be pointless! Haunted Houses are so overrated!” Skipper said as he tried to resist Marlene pulling on his flipper.

Marlene stopped and turned toward him. “What, are you afraid?” she challenged.

“No, I just don’t want to waste my time wandering through a supposedly ‘scary’ house,” Skipper answered.

“Come on, I’ve been anticipating this ever since they started advertising it. I’ve never been in...
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“I Insist”
September 27, 2014

“All right, men. I want a perimeter. Make it fast, make it wide, and make it where you can see everything, but nothing can see you,” Skipper ordered the team in Central Park. “On my mar —”

“Hey, aren’t you those penguins from the aquarium?” fred figglehorn interrupted as he approached them.

Skipper rolled his eyes. “Zoo, actually. What do you want, Fred? We’re in the middle of something,” he asked impatiently.

“Yeah, I’m in the middle of something too. I think it’s called Central Park. Anyway, I was just wondering, is that lontra friend of yours...
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“Good Game”
July 30, 2014

    “I believe that’s checkmate, Marlene,” Skipper announced, moving his piece to trap her king.

    Marlene pursed her lips and threw a bishop at him. “Come on, that was the third time in a row,” she protested.

    Skipper laughed. “Hey, don’t hate the player, here!”

    Marlene laughed and threw a knight at him. “I don’t hate you, it just makes me feel better,” she corrected.

    “Well,” Skipper replied with a smile, “two can play at that...
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“If Only”
July 20, 2014

    “Hey, Marlene. Sorry I’m late,” Skipper said, sitting on the árvore branch seguinte to Marlene in the park. “I was giving the boys a job to keep them busy and I had to argue with Rico over park surveillance.”

    Marlene waved a dismissive paw. “It’s all right, Skipper, I understand,” she said half-heartedly without meeting his eye.

    Skipper’s expression filled with concern. “Marlene, what’s wrong?” he asked, trying to look into her eyes.

    Marlene drew in a breath....
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June 23, 2014

    After a long dia of training, dealing with Julien, and protecting the zoo, Skipper busied himself on a top-secret solo mission. . . .

    “You think you’re smooth, Hans, but you’re not as smooth as me. Especially not like . . . this!” Skipper said to the mirror as he held the fake mustache to his beak. He straightened his cowboy hat and shined his sheriff badge. “Now, that’s what I call a rugged Belvidere if I do say so myself.”

    Skipper turned at different angles to the mirror as he admired...
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“Another Side”
April 26, 2014

    Skipper led a blindfolded Marlene into her cave.

    “Skipper, what is this? What’s the big surprise?” Marlene urged with anticipation.

    “Well, remember a couple of weeks atrás when you said you’ve always wanted to stargaze, but couldn’t because of the bright city lights?” Skipper asked, preparing to remove the blindfold.

    “Yes, why?” Marlene answered.

    Skipper pulled off the blindfold. “That’s why,” he said with a grin.

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“School is in Session”
April 26, 2014

    "Come on, please?" Marlene begged.

    "I don't know, Marlene. I mean, when are you ever going to have the need to drive, anyway?" Skipper asked.

    "Well, um, what if I get in some trouble and need a fast getaway?" she suggested.

    "Why would you get in trouble for anything?" Skipper pointed out.

    Marlene shrugged. "I don't know. Probably for something Julien did," she answered nonchalantly. "Please teach me how to drive?" she begged again while...
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“First Impressions”
April 19, 2014

    "How's it lookin' on connecting to the camera feeds, Kowalski?" Skipper asked his lieutenant.

    "Just fine, Skipper. Just a few mais minutes," Kowalski answered. "I have to say, the HQ is in pretty good shape for not being used in a number of years. Things are coming together nicely, and we've only been back for a week."

    "I concur. You got those light fixtures, Rico?" Skipper asked, looking up at Rico on his ladder, fixing a light to the ceiling.

    "Uh-huh!" he grunted....
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