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Ikuyomi_T posted on Apr 07, 2012 at 09:06PM
I randomly thought if this so yea...........please try to answer it
Birthday month
January- You cuddled up with
Febuary- You kissed
March- You wished luck to
April- You gave a lily to
May- You fell down the rabbit hole with
June- You went swimming with
July- You got mad at
Augast- You killed
September- You asked out
October- You created "rain" using
November- You thanked
December- You watched
Birthday day
1- Oz Vessalius
2- Alice Baskerville
3- Gilbert Nightray
4- Lacie Baskerville
5- Jack Vessalius
6- Oswald Baskerville
7- Sharon Rainsworth
8- Xerxes Break
9- Reim lunettes
10- Alyss Baskerville
11- Cheshire
12- Lotti Baskerville
13- Lily Baskerville
14- Fang Baskerville
15- Levy Baskerville
16- Vincent Nightray
17- Doug Baskerville
18- Oscar Vessalius
19- Ada Vessalius
20- Phillipe West
21- Elliot Nightray
22. Leo Baskerville
23- Echo
24- Rufus Barma
25- Arthur Barma
26- Miranda Barma
27- William West
28- Emily
29- Zai Vessalius
30- Isla Yura
31- Zwei Baskerville
Favorite Color (they and themselves should be turned to he/she and himself/herself depending on who you get)
Blue- because they were upset
Green- because theywere acting funny
Pink- they were cute
Red- because blood was all over them
Black- because they almost got them selves killed
Yellow- because they were being cheerful
Purple- because they were all by themselves
Orange- because they were being mysterious
White- because they were cold
Grey- because they hurt you
Brown-because they were about to be killed for good
Favorite season
Winter- in the Abyss
Spring- around a sealing stone
Summer- at pandora
Fall- at sablire
Mine is; you cuddled up with Leo Baskerville because he almost got himself killed in the abyss.

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over a year ago tailslover9 said…
Mine is--

"You kissed Echo because she was upset at Salire."

Lol, I'm a girl! XD