ouran high school host club Which is your favorito episode?

Pick one:
01. Starting Today You're a Host
02. A High School Host's Work
03. Be Careful with Physical Examinations
04. The Invasion of the Female Manager
05. The Twins Fight
06. The Elementary Host is the Naughty Type
07. Jungle Pool S.O.S.
08. The Sun, the Beach, and the Host Club
09. The Challenge of the Lobelia Girl's Academy
10. The Fujioka Household's Daily Life
11. Big Brother is a Prince
12. Honey's Three Unsweetened Days
13. Haruhi in Wonderland
14. Interview the Famous Host Club
15. Karuizawa Refreshing Battle
16. Haruhi and Hikaru's First encontro, data Battle Plan
17. Kyoya's Reluctant dia Off
18. Chika's 'Overthrow Honey' Declaration
19. Loberia Girls' Academy Strikes Back
20. The Door Opened por the Twins
21. Until the dia It Becomes a abóbora
22. Mori Has an Apprentice Wannabe
23. Tamaki's Unrealized Melancholy
24. And Kyoya Met
25. The Dissolution Declaration of the Host Club
26. This is Our Ouran Festival
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