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posted by thetacoman
"MOMMY!" screamed Nee from his bed.
Artemis stumbled in, dazed from lack of sleep. "What, Nee?" she said as kindly as possible.
"I saw the Boogeyman!" he whimpered, covering himself with his blanket.
Artemis sat on Nee's bed, gently rubbing his hair.
"I already told you, hunny, the Boogeyman is gone," she said.
"Now sleep. I'll see you tommorrow."
Nee lay his head down and rest.
It was all so fast.
First, the explosion,
Then the screams,
then the guy, sneaking into his room.

"Don't fret, precious, I'm here," he said as he searched the room for something.
"Go back to sleep."
Nee turned into a shadow, slinking underneath his bed.
That's where he encountered It.
Nee screamed as the snake bit him ferociously.
"There you are," said the guy, reaching under the cama and pulling Nee out.
"Hello little one," he said.
"I'm Merci de Angelo."
Refer to this artigo whence concerning character creation;
Do not hastily throw a character together. Remember, this is a whole seperate person you're making.
Rome wasn't built in a day.

Write and draw the character. This is often the best way to help with development, as composição literária gives you a reference as to what the character might do, and drawing helps you place it's appearence. An excellent example is Mef, made por my friend MephilesTheDark.

I cannot stress this enough- EVERYONE HAS FLAWS. CHARACTERS MUST ALSO HAVE FLAWS. Also, make sure you explain them.
'My character is depressed DERPDERPDERP!'
Why is it depressed?
posted by thetacoman
Hi! And welcome to the Originally Original art/ composição literária club!
If you're leitura this, you're probably one of the very first members here!
So let me just lay down a few rules here.
Not too many, just some rules to make sure we all have a fun time at the club.

RULE 1- We will accept ANYTHING appropriate. We will not discriminate, and we will try not to start fights.
RULE 2- Recolours are not good. This IS the ORIGINALLY ORIGINAL club, and recolouring is not very original.
RULE 3- Use canhão characters at your own risk. Once again, we're not gonna stop you from posting, just be prepared for criticism.
You don't need a specific talent!
Just be original!