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Name: Unknown. Self-appointed name is "Spells"
Age: Age was Frozen - Uma Aventura Congelante in time wave. Slowly ages one ano older every forty-years. Age is currently 17
Species: 70% Takris 30% Snow-leopard
Abilites: Spells is invunerable to any type of attack, due to him being from a different dimension, unless his own attack is used against him. He is an extremely skilled mage in all twelve elements, as well as fast, and can maniulate time easier than the other elements.
Home Planet: Lives on planet Norr, but originates from an unknown planet
Origin: Spells appeared in a time-wave, on the planet Norr, where he began...
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Once upon a time, there lived a happy couple, with a (un)happy son, who had a happy uncle in the ever-joyful Underworld.
This quartet of happiness frolicked happily through the awesome planet of Ultima, which was início to the race of Nimea.
Now, Nimea was a pretty fun place.
Tree's growing cookies, pretty Ambrosia flowers, and God guiding them made for an awesome land.
But, some parts of it are not happy.
Not like, 'OOH! WHERE MEH SHOO?!' bad, but *chokingchokingdead* bad.
Anyway, we're focusing on a day; A dia THAT WILL FOREVER LIVE IN INFAMY! Wait, that's Pearl Harbor...
This is the dia Diabo, thought...
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Main Charas- Torren, Tydus, Arty, and Nee Oceanius
Villans- Travesty, Pharoo
Items- The Magic Cookie, key to Alufran
Objective- Find the Magic Cookie, free Diabo and Apollo, and defeat Travest and Pharoo
What is the Magic Cookie?-
Not really magic, the Cookie shall open the gate of Alufran and free the Prince of Nimea and the rightful King of the anjos da noite and defeat Travesty and his apprentice, Pharoo
Why are they trapped?-
The gate won't open until it is appeased with a Cookie.
Why the Magic Cookie?-
It was made por ANGELS.
That's what the Gate said, anyway.
Are there any OTHER Cookies?-
Yes. They are currently being digested por Torren.
Anything else?-
No. >=}
Name: NorrForce
Reason: Planet is called Norr. Special Organization is called NorrForce

Heroes: Mainly- the orbans.
Orbans: Elemental Norrians, who have the abilities to manipulate certain elements.
Others: The royalties, the main leaders
Royalty: The main rulers of Calorns; main united sector, and the sub-rulers; Uninified countries and smaller unified countries
Royalty Leader: Current leader is queen Enchantment Norris. With her younger sisters Genny and Crystal

Villains: The Dareths
Dareths: Dark beings that were cursed prior to their arivial to despise the people of Norr. They usually desguise...
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