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Brooke/Lucas : Energy.

Clay&Quinn // Untouchable

Operation SMILE =) One árvore colina Cast

Three little words, eight letters late (brooke/lucas)

Brooke & Lucas | Breathing o espaço

"Be Happy." - Brooke & Lucas

Brucas-Go(lucas dies)

Sophia arbusto, bush & Austin Nichols in Park City, Utah

your heaven (dean&haley)

Multifandoms || Everybody Loves Me (for Jessica)

Hottest couples EVER

Brooke/Lucas || Down (why did i drown?)

Antwon Tanner in Utah!

Where I stood {Brooke/Lucas}

Lucas & Peyton - Find A Way

Lucas & Peyton - Find A Way

Sophia Bush- Sexy?

Brooke Davis ¤ Outrageous

Brooke&Peyton {Little Wonders}

Peyton and Ellie-not finished

One árvore colina brucas / Leyton / Life is beautifal.

JAKE&PEYTON///I'd Come For You

Little Miss.Obsessive música Video

Nathan Scott/James Lafferty - Rude Boy

Brooke & Lucas - Last to Know

Sophia, Austin and Lee taking pictures!

OTH Seanon 4 Ep.16 Breyton scene part 6...SO CUTE!!!!

One árvore hill:Season 4 Ep.16:Breyton scene part 5

One árvore hill:Season 4 Ep.16:Breyton scene part 4

One árvore colina season 4 episode 16 Breyton scene part 3

One árvore hill:Season 4 episode 16:Breyton scenes part2

One árvore hill:Season 4 Episode 16:BREYTON SCENES part1

Nathan & Haley | Always

Naley- Can't Unforget You!

Naley- cuz you're the brightest in amor with who you are.

Nathan & Haley Someone Like You

What If- naley

Wonder- Brooke Davis

Brooke/Lucas - I am with you

Brooke/Lucas - Who Knew

*Brooke & Haley best friends forever*

Brooke & Peyton- You found me

Stephen and Rob in Utah!

OTH cast sings "I Don't Wanna Be"

James Lafferty in Utah- Personalized suit

Robert & Stephen in Park City, Utah

One árvore colina Cast in UTAH (James, Robert, Shantel, Jackson, Antwon) NEW

Brathan- You're Not Sorry



Only Fooling Myself: Jeyton

Brooke&Julian // Halo


you were my everything; brooke/lucas

brucas /Everything/

According to You Brulian vs. brucas

Brooke & Clay -She's like the wind-

James Lafferty looking dapper as usual!

Brooke & Lucas ; Blueskies

Bethany Joy Galeotti- Miss Independent

jake/peyton; she is amor [collab part]

Mark Schwann talks about the cast in Utah!

Happy Monday!

OTH Cast || Thanks for the Memories

One árvore colina Cast- Shattered

BL || Because your amor is my drug // Janni B-day gift ♥

Brooke & Lucas || She is amor & she is all I need ♥

BL - oi Lady

Brucas||Skate - Everything

Jeyton - Perfect Accident

brucas / Julian

Brooke & Julian: How Do I Breathe

Breathe - Brooke & Julian

brucas - When I Look At You

Brooke & Lucas -ClubLove-

Joy in Park City Utah

One árvore Hill- Good Gone Girl

OTH Couples- Do You Remember

Lucas/Nathan- Martial Law

Brooke&Lucas, Jake&Peyton - I never told you*

Brooke and Julian - What Hurts The Most

Fake Movie Trailer - A Hand To Take Hold Of A Scene [Naley]

Haley and Nathan

look after you

One árvore colina - Step to Me

lances da vida - Untill We Bleed

jeyton // only one

Jeyton~you had me from hello

Jeyton~It only hurts when im breathing

brucas Letters

Brucas-Flowers for a ghost

ANGE & MAX - Bloody Bitternes - Brooke Lucas -

Before the Storm - Brooke\Lucas.

History in the making Collab (w/ OTH)

All The Right Moves

Chuck&Brooke(/Blair) • Signal fogo

A Drop In The Ocean OTH Couples

Naley- Smile (Uncle Kracker)

Nathan/Haley - Never Say Never