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Brooke/Peyton + Elena/Caroline | I got you

brooke&julian ♥ wedding 8x13

►One árvore colina Cast • We Are Golden

Teenage Dream [Brucas]

I'll Still Be Loving you /// Chair And brucas

Brucas; You Mean Everything To Me

Brooke & Lucas || I don't wanna hurt you

Brooke Davis&Lucas Scott // They finally say i do

Brooke&Lucas | The Wedding

One árvore colina Weddings - Brulian/Naley/Leyton

Brooke&Julian's wedding {8x13 ; Marry Me}

Brulian || Just the way you are

perfect two

Brooke & Lucas - The One ( long PREVIEW)

Haley leaves Nathan

8x14 Sneak Peek "Holding Out for a Hero"

One árvore colina Cast - The Time

OTH - Rehab

Brooke and Julian

OTH ; Im coming início

Brooke&Julian | Marry Me

[One árvore colina Cast] ♥ All This Time (8x13 Spoilers!)

Nathan & Haley - A Moment Like This

OTH Cast ; Happiness

Jake & Peyton - Teenage Dream

OTH 3x16 - 'Here is not a single person worth remembering.' {1000 subs}

To Build a início - One árvore colina CAST

Brooke + Lucas │ Sunkissed trampoline

►One Tree Hill Cast • We Are Golden

The James family || Calls me início

One árvore colina I dont wanna be

Brooke's Maid Of Honor Speech 8x12 (Peyton Manip)

One árvore colina 8x12- Raise Your Glass

►Nathan/Haley • Right Here Waiting For You♥

Leyton/Sawyer - "I don't wanna grow up"

*It was only just a dream (Jake/Peyton)

Quinn&Alex OTH Hey Soul Sister

Brooke & Julian: You are my band-aid♥

Brooke/Julian; corner of your coração

One árvore colina 8x12 : Tonight we're goin' Hard

Should I've hold your face -Leyton

Brooke/Lucas-Jar of Hearts

We R Who We R - HIMYM and OTH

It's all a blur last night [ONE árvore colina GIRLS]

[One árvore Hill] 8x12 Spoilers ♥ For your Entertaiment

OTH 8x12- Like It's Dynamite

tonight's gonna be a good night`

(last friday night) one árvore colina 8x12 tribute

Brooke & Julian: "In My Veins"

brooke & lucas - time of our lives.

[ One árvore colina 8x11 ] in one minuto

[ One árvore colina cast ] • This could really be a... Good Life

Brooke & Julian "Top of The World" Promo

dynamite; Brooke/Julian

One árvore colina Girls ❘ Pretty Girl Rock

but the party don't stop (one árvore hill)

One árvore colina 8x13 "The Other Half Of Me" Promo (1) HD

OTH Cast - Where Are You Now

Good to you // One árvore colina

The James family || Calls me início

pull the trigger [one árvore hill]

What is One árvore Hill?

Lucas & Peyton II You're Killing Me

One árvore colina ~ All I have All I need...

OTH Cast // Save you

Sink or Swim (One árvore colina Cast)

OTH. Last ano

►One árvore colina Cast • Like OMG Baby!

Lucas&Lindsey | Save yourself from the heartache [TUVO]

One árvore colina Cast Gotta Be SOmebody

Hold it against me // brucas

One árvore colina 8x12 "The Drinks We Drank Last Night" Sneak Peek (1)

brooke & lucas ♦ all this time

OTH Cast • Like OMG Baby!

Jake.Peyton.Julian. - In My Veins

Brooke+Lucas // Let me be your

brooke&lucas | I'm listening

brooke&lucas | if we ever

Brooke & Lucas - Apologize ( short version )

OTH Cast l NeverSayNever

Brooke&Julian {we'll be a dream} collab part

One árvore colina __ Augustana

Wouldn't that save you - One árvore colina

Choices 1x03

lucas&peyton | wires

OTH // Feeling The Moment {8.11*}

OTH [20EC].

One árvore colina || The Blues

Brooke + Julian {8x10-8x11}

One árvore colina || Peyton Sawyer || This Is Not Me!

brooke&julian l fall for you ♥ for Kianna ;)

Follow @BethanyGaleotti on Twitter - Britney Spears - Hold It Against Me

We R Who We R (OTH_Collab Group)

raise your glass - one árvore colina ( visualização )

One árvore colina Cast • Intro

OTH | Raise your glass

brooke & peyton - i'll always be right there

OTH Season 7 - Deleted Scene 7x18 (Quinn and Haley)

OTH Season 7 - Deleted Scene - Finale(Brooke and Julian)

lucas & haley || don't let me go