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Lucas Scott~Elevator

Lucas Scott~Stop And Stare

Lucas Scott(Brucas)~The Man Who Can't Be Moved

Lucas Scott~Sugar Baby amor


Leyton~Feel The Silence

Lucas Scott~Violet colina

Lucas Scott~Hot N Cold

Lucas Scott~Kryptonite

Dan/Nathan/Lucas~Father and Sons

Lucas Scott~Remember The Name

Brucas~Chasing Cars

Lucas Scott~Hero

Brucas~Full círculo


amor Song Requiem

Brucas~Forever and Always


One árvore Hill~Are You Gonna Be My Girl

Brathan~Hero Heroine

Naley~Season 5 Moments

naley - Everything

Jeyton - Feel This

Peyton Sawyer~Welcome To My Life

Peyton Sawyer~The Kill

Peyton Sawyer~Disturbia

Peyton Sawyer~Fighter

Brucas~Every Me Every You

Millie/Mouth/Gigi~One Way or Another

Brucas~I Remember amor

Brooke/Lucas (Only one)

Brooke/Lucas - Wait For You

"Better In Time" - Leyton

One árvore Hill: Leyton - You Are Not Alone

Nathan & Haley: You Fill My coração

One árvore colina 601-612 Promos (only the ones that show after the episode)

Nathan & Haley-Heaven

naley - amor like this

CW General Promo January 2009

friends forever~Lucas and Haley

Haley & Lucas-Chasing Cars.

Speechless - Haley and Lucas

OTH is back January 5th

Laley~Feel This

Leyton~Need To Be seguinte To You

Leyton~Everytime We Touch

Leyton~Everything I Once Had

Leyton~Far mais


Lucas Scott~Real Good Man

Lucas Scott~Escape

Rachel Gatina~Outrageous

Rachel Gatina~One Of Those Girls

Nathan/Rachel~Post Blue

Naley~A Thousand Miles

Brathan~Right Now

Peyton Sawyer~Coffee and Cigarrettes

Peyton Sawyer~Calendar Girl

Peyton Sawyer~If I Where A Boy

Naley~Inside Your Heaven

Naley~Just A Dream

Brucas~This Is Me

Leyton~Savin' Me

Brucas~Pieces(AU Lucas Dies)

Lucas Scott- Heaven forbid

"Lens Flare"- OTH movie trailer

Peyton and Jake

Jake Jagielski

Jeyton true amor

Goodbye Jake


one árvore colina jake and peyton


Jake/Peyton - Its Gonna Be amor

Jake/Peyton - Its Gonna Be amor

One árvore Hill- You and Me (Jake/Peyton)

One dia (Peyton/Jake)

Trading Yesterday - fake movietrailer



April and Viv

OTH Cast - Nth Degree

lances da vida

OTH Cast - This Is Our Town

Nathan Scott-Sexy Back

Nathan scott inconsolable

Nathan and Haley

naley - What Makes A Man

naley - Lonely

naley - What Have You Done

naley - Patience

naley - If I let you go

naley - queen Of My coração

queen of My coração Haley

lances da vida

No Easy Way Out - Peyton Sawyer's Memories

Peyton - Breathe me

Peyton Sawyer

Peyton sawyer-story of a girl

~ OTH ~ Peyton Sawyer - Listen