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Haley James Scott- Inner Strength

Naley- Just a Dream

Lucas.Brooke.Julian. - Ships In A Bottle (Bottle Up This Mess) - PREVIEW.

OTH BL Promo (fan made)

Bethany Joy Galeotti - Shiver

Hilarie and Chad

Tyler Hilton, Hilarie burton and Sophia arbusto, bush signs autographs

Brooke Davis - Instigator


Dare Night - Dear Maria Count Me In

Who We Are


lances da vida

naley Always And Forever


You Found Me - Brooke/Nathan

OTH Cast

lances da vida

naley - What About Now?

Brooke Davis [lucas/julian/peyton] - You Found Me

Kate Voegele Interview

Brooke Davis - Beautiful

Until The dia I Die

Brulian - First kiss

Brooke/Lucas: Never Alone

We Belong Together-jeyton

OTH - Lucas & Peyton #3

one árvore colina - season 3 - official opening credits

One árvore Hill: Peyton's Art

Peyton/Lucas - I don't wanna be

oth movie gavin degraw i dont wanna be

One árvore colina - I Dont Wanna Be

one árvore colina season 5 opening credits [my version]

OTH : Leyton (I'm In amor With A Girl)

Leyton-I'm in amor with a girl

Jackson Brundage alias James Lucas Scott with Gavin DeGraw

My Makeup! Inspired por Hilarie/Peyton of One árvore colina

Leyton - Long dia

I don't want to be (One árvore hill)

I'm just a Jealous guy - Peyton, Derek, Lucas

One árvore colina season 04 - Lucas & Peyton - I'm in amor with a girl

one árvore colina - I amor Lucas and P Sawyer

SPOILERS!!! 6x17 to 6x22!


Brooke & Lucas

Nathan Scott - Do It Well (Preview/Quality Test)

Brooke and Lucas - With Me

Brooke Promo (One árvore hill/Gossip Girl)

Peyton Promo (One árvore Hill/Gossip Girl)

Brooke and Lucas:This Is Our Town

Brooke and Lucas-Your Guardian angel

Brooke and Lucas - You Found Me

Brooke/Victoria.Nathan/Dan. - Devil In Me. I Won't Become You.

Brooke & Julian -Everything

One árvore colina S6E01 "Violet Hill"

Haley, Nathan and Jamie- It's Your amor

Leyton - I Will Be

Peyton Sawyer - Rockstar

DANCE - One árvore HIll

Brucas-Brooke die

Brathan - Livin in a world without you

Brathan vs. Lucas II

Brathan vs Lucas I

Jeyton - Suddenly

Leyton - Bedshaped

Nathan/Brooke/Lucas - Say (All I Need)

6x17 Promo #2

[Season 1] B.Davis - Taking care of Lucas..

[Season 1] B.Davis - "You can trust me.."

[Season 1] B.Davis - "He's worth the trouble."

[Season 1] B.Davis - A Deal's a Deal..

[Season 1] B.Davis - The Matchmaker

[Season 1] B.Davis - "I need to connect mais with Lucas"

[Season 1] B. Davis - A naley amor note

[Season 1] B.Davis - I need to tell you something...

[Season 1] B.Davis - A Real Truce

[Season 1] B.Davis - Trying to connect mais with Lucas

[Season 1] B.Davis -- & The amor triângulo begins..

[Season 1] B.Davis - "Who's Karen?"

[Season 1] B.Davis - "Best of both worlds.."

[Season 1] B.Davis - Drunken Girls Gone Wild

[Season 1] B.Davis - "Out kicking the homeless..."

[Season 1] B.Davis - "It looked like you were dating Peyton"

[Season 1] B.Davis - What hurts the most?

[Season 1] B.Davis - "I gotta change my karma.."

[Season 1] B.Davis - We'll do this together

[Season 1] B.Davis - Brooke & Karen bonding

[Season 1] B.Davis - An Awkward Car Ride...

[Season 1] B.Davis - "I've never.."

[Season 1] B.Davis - "..he was such a good a good kisser"

[Season 1] B.Davis - "You dodged the bullet just in time"

[Season 1] B.Davis - Hot Tub Therapy

[Season 1] B.Davis - "Looks good from behind"

[Season 1] B.Davis - "We didn't do much talking.."

[Season 1] B.Davis - "Call it a cheer truce"

[Season 1] B.Davis - "As far as she knows..."

[Season 1] B.Davis - What do girls want?

[Season 1] B.Davis - "You're my best friend"

[Season 1] B.Davis - "I'm pregnant"

[Season 1] B.Davis - "But, I'm not one of them..."