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OTH Cast - You Found Me

Brooke / Lucas - Whiskey Lullaby


Brooke/Lucas - Ocean Avenue

Leyton Kisses

The Story Of Peyton Sawyer - Trailer

The Notebook OTH Style [Naley]

Lucas/Peyton - Tutto l'universo obbedisce all'amore

Shine On - Brooke/Lucas

Brooke Davis - The Climb

Brooke Davis - início - Movie

Laley - If You Want Me

Haley James Scott - Suddenly I See

Mia/Chase - You Are My Melody

Lucas & Peyton - I Will Be Waiting

I Want You To Want Me - Trailer

Brooke After Her Break Up WIth Lucas


Brooke/Lucas/Julian - Pray for amor

Lucas/Lindsay: Stop & Stare

Brooke&Lucas | Heartless

Brooke Davis - Saying Goodbye

Nathan/Brooke/Lucas - My Girl's Ex-Boyfriend

Brooke&Lucas;I wanna be the one

trouble is (brooke/lucas)

OTH - brucas - When I Look You in The Eyes

in amor with a girl (brooke/lucas)

lucas brooke hutch (consequence)

Bullseye -- Brooke & Lucas

BRUCAS; Die erste Träne

Brooke/Lucas - She's the one

Brooke/Lucas- Everything Im Not

Brooke/Nathan/Lucas - What Goes Around

[Preview] brucas - Someday

brucas - Summer Ouverture

BL - Six Candles

Brooke/Lucas - First encontro, data

Brooke and Lucas- Here You Come Again

brooke/lucas - breathe slow

BL- don't forget

brucas - Dont Speak

brucas - You don't forget your first amor

Leyton - beijar You

Alone ~ Brooke Davis

Leyton - Boadica (enya)

Leyton - Your Guardian angel

Leyton - Forever

Leyton & Anna Scott - Live Happily Ever After

Brooke/Sam - I Shall Believe

You found me - Brooke/Sam (oth)

Brulian-Crazy Kiya Re

Nights in Rhodante trailer [Brooke/Lucas style]

Brooke/Julian - My Life Would Suck Without You

I'm yours - naley

Whatever it Takes naley

Brooke Davis - So What

Brooke Davis- This is me

One árvore colina - Breathe

Forever And Always - Nathan & Haley

nathan scott - strangled por the thought

naley - angel of Mine

naley A Message

naley - november rain

One árvore Hill-naley season 4

oth cast_move along

Peyton Sawyer Scott [OTH] - Stand in the rain

Naley~ I Will

PS I amor You - brucas Style

stay (brooke/julian)

Peyton/Elle~ How Can I Help You Say Goodbye

Lucas/Brooke/Peyton - Grim Goodbye*

Almost lover_Jake And Peyton

BRUCAS; Angie & Wedding

She's So Lovely - Brooke/Lucas

brucas - The Winner Takes It All

Brooke And Lucas - kiss The Rain

{Brooke and Lucas} The Sweetest Couple

Beautiful,Dirty,Rich-Brooke Davis And Serena furgão, van der Woodsen

one árvore colina ; [boomboompow.]

What Hurts The Most- Brooke Davis

Brooke & Lucas - Gone

brucas OTH - So Beautiful

Jake/Peyton - Maybe Someday

Jake & Peyton - Comet Theory

Brooke / Lucas ft. Nathan - Near To You

*PREVIEW* // I'll Be Waiting // Brooke & Julian

Brooke Davis - So Cold

Here With Me - One árvore colina Girls

closer (lucas/peyton) PREVIEW!

Brulian - Echo

Gossip Girl/One árvore colina cast: Just Dance

Savin Me (Brooke&Julian)

Brooke/Julian - Close Your Eyes

Lucas and Bella - Look After You

brucas - Broken

Brachel - You Found Me

My First brucas Video

Brooke/Nathan - For blue skies Part ll

Brooke and Max (Part 1)

I know I amor you (Brooke and Julain)