lances da vida [Round 1] OTH episode countdown - season 8, part 1 - Pick your LEAST favorite.

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30 fans picked:
8X02 I Can't See You But I Know You're There
8X03 The o espaço in Between
8X08 Mouthful of Diamonds
8X01 Asleep at Heaven's Gate
8X04 We All Fall Down
8X06 Not Afraid
8X05 Nobody Taught Us to Quit
8X07 Luck Be a Lady
8X10 Lists, Plans
8X09 Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace
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8X11 Darkness on the Edge of Town
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 BlairChuckFan posted over a year ago
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Lisiii picked 8X05 Nobody Taught Us to Quit:
This episode was so disappointing! >.<
posted over a year ago.
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