i know a lot of ppl think im crazy when i say i hate HJS but i just do for many reasons. i mean i like her with nathan like nathan makes me hate her less. But i still realy dont like her. This is only about hjs not BJG who plays her.

I have many reasons but i will only tell you four.

number 1- she never knows when to shut up. Just close her mouth and it really pisses me off. For example in episode 3.16 the school shooting, everytime jimmy edwards asked a vitorical pergunta she would answer it. Everytime jimmy did something she would say something she would try to connect with him. but if it doesn't work the first ten times just stop asking.

number 2- she never really listens to what people are saying. she just hears what she wants to hear. for example epiosde 5.10 when nathan was trying to explain how carrie kissed him and not the other way around. she just yelled over him and twisted his words around. wtf is that?? and in the honey grove episode 3.18 when brooke tells her she roubou the test not rachel. she didnt even let brooke explain herself she just said my friend did this to me and all this bs. and brooke couldnt get a word out.

number 3- when lydia, haleys mom, tells jamie she gonna die then jamie tells haley that she never wants to lose her or nate and she says he wont. do you guys remember that, because i do and if you tell your kid there no gonna lose you, u dont get depressed and commit suicide twice and have your husband save you. because that is so damn selfish to me.

number 4- when she goes on tour and pretends like nothing happens when she got back. but alot happenned a) she broke her husbands coração b) she didnt even tell anyone was leaving and c) she thinks she can be automatically forgiven. like when nate lets her stay in his house the dia she came back and he asked her if she had everything she needed and she was like everything but you. but thats a load of crap because if you really loved him u wouldve asked him to go on tour with you or answered everytime he called or even hang out with him when he cames so far to see you. she didnt even have the guts to tell her own husband she was leaving she had her sister tell him. she didnt even tell her bffl Lucas she was leaving. and i understood why peyton was mad at her she thought that everything would be the same but things change when u leave.

well this is my opinon and i dont expect many ppl would agree with me. but i have disliked haley from season one and i doubt my opinon will ever change.