9.01 || Know This, We've Noticed

Chris: Chris Keller likes jamming with Chris Keller. That way he works with the best.

Dan: Do you know what it's like to have a beautiful granddaughter, and have no expectations of holding her? Or to except the fact that you'll never be a part of your sons' family? Either son. I know what I've done. I know what I created. I just need a little help. Please.

Chase: I don't have any plans right now. Do you?
Alex: Just the devilish ones I have for you.

Ted: You know Vicki, you should have the cough checked. It could be serious at your age.

Brooke: Sometimes my coração aches at how my life turned out...in a good way.

Brooke: It's funny. I grew up in árvore Hill. I spent most of my life here, but it wasn't until my sons were born, and I couldn't sleep, that I really got to know this place.

Alex: Pretty good huh?
Chris: What? I can't here you over this crappy song.

Chase: Tonight. This bed. You and me. We'll do some things.

Nathan: People say hell is endless. They say it's our worst nightmare, the face of our darkness. But whatever it is, however it is, I say hell is empty, and all the devils are here.

Julian: I say we go with plan b. We find a really nice mansion and leave them on the porch.

Dan: If you can leave the killing to me. I'm already on the list.
Chris: Chris Keller doesn't like this.

9.02 || In The Room Where You Sleep

Alex: Don't you need some actors or maybe a writer?
Julian: Uh, I had both of those things and she wanted to be a musician.

Chris: Chris Keller doesn't open. Chris Keller headlines.

Chuck: Chris Keller called me buddy!

Chuck: What a tool. I'm gonna Chuck that guy right in the goods.

Julian: Are the boys okay?
Victoria: Of course they're okay. I've done this before ya know?
Brooke: Barely.

Dan: Don't worry Jamie. I'm not going anywhere.

Julian: Both these guys are gonna play for the Dodgers, and then maybe my dad will finally amor me.

9.03 || amor The Way You Lie

Dan: I did the crime.
Haley: That doesn't mean you have to get hammered for it all the time.

Chase: You used my pain for a free lap dance!

Brooke: I hope you don't have to giggle and shake your ass, like I did.
Julian: Hey, if it means they'll use the stage, I'll do whatever it takes.

Millie: No Marvin, nobody shrunk your shirts. Nobody added steps to the caixa de escada, escada at home, and I am certain that nobody made the buttons on your cell phone smaller. Marvin, you're fat...fat, fat, fat!

Haley: You can cook, right?
Chris: Chris Keller can do it all, baby.

Chuck: Contrary to popular opinion, he doesn't speak for the both of us.

Mouth: The stupid dry cleaners shrunk another shirt. What is that, three now?

Chris: If I had a dime for every time I woke up on a merry-go-round or in a park, I'd be rich. You know what I was doing every time right before I woke up in those places? Some aleatório chick.

Haley: Trust me, I know. Chris Keller is not good for relationships.

9.04 || Don't You Wanna Share The Guilt?

Dan: If I catch you near my family again, I'll kill you.

Skills (to Mouth): You fat.

9.05 || The Killing Moon

Logan: You're not afraid anymore?
Clay: No, I'm still a little bit afraid, but I'm working on it.

Logan: Flying's the best part!
Clay: I just didn't want to crash.
Logan: Crashing's the segundo best part.

Brooke: I know your type. I used to be a bit of a cadela, puta just for the sake of being one, but now I am a cadela, puta for the sake of my friends and family. You do not want to test that!

Chuck: Chuck Scolnik has never been mais disappointed in you.

Chase: How'd you get in here?
Chuck: I took Alex's key. She didn't want it.

9.06 || Catastrophe And The Cure

Chase: We should burn those sheets.
Tara: You mean bronze 'em, champ?

Dan: What's it take to be a árvore colina cop these days? Pen?

Mouth: Anything I can do?
Dan: Yeah, go easy on the carbs.

Logan (to Clay): I thought you left 'cause you didn't like me.

Brooke (to Tara): They went to a strip club. I'm sure you'll see them when you get there for your shift.

Tara: What the hell are you doing helping my competition?
Chris: Why the hell are you sleeping with my best friend?

Julian: Great pep talk Dan. No wonder your sons amor you so much.

Brooke (to Haley): We've been through a lot, you and I. We'll get through this.

Dan (to Julian): What happened to your face? Wife beat you up?

Logan: Then you're gonna be here for a long time, like the old man who eats his buttons.

Chris: Dude, you're colder than Chris Keller.

9.07 || Last Known Surroundings

Julian: I gotta go to prison with Brooke.
Dan: Prison huh? They're gonna amor you there.

Dimitri: Are you Chuck, on the Gossip Girl? No means no.

Chase: I'm in the Air Force, Chris!
Chris: Really? Why?

Clay: Well, I'm awesome in bed, so she begs me to have sex...a lot.

9.08 || A Rush Of Blood To The Head

Dan: The guy's an ex-con. I wouldn't trust him for a second.

Dan: I'll get him back. I'll make everything right again.

Prisoner: You think we'll ever find redemption for the things we've done?
Dan: I wouldn't count on it.
Prisoner: Then I'll see you in hell my friend.
Dan: I'll save you a seat.

Logan: I like him...and those suckers he gives out.
Clay: Oh, those suckers are clutch.

9.09 || Every Breath Is A Bomb

Chris: You keep trying to be like me - which is understandable. I'm pretty kick bunda - but you should be trying to be like Chase.

Brooke: He got hired at the árvore Slut Cafe, and it is wigging me out.

Mouth: I have felt a bit of weight lately, but I don't know the cause of it.
Skills: I think it's your ass.

Dan: That's the good thing about having your own sound stage. No one can hear you scream.

Dan: I'm gonna find my son whether you talk or not. The only thing is, will you still be breathing when I do.

Brooke: What happened to our world?

Mouth: You wanna go to the gym?
Skills: For sure my chubby buddy.

Logan: I just hope that maybe one dia he'll come home. Then maybe neither of us will be sad anymore.

Chuck: All he ever wanted to do was fly. Please don't take that away from him.

Drug Dealer: Damn girl, I can't wait to hit that.
Dan: That's just what I was thinking.

9.10 || Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will

Tara: Oh my God. That guy is creepy.

Nathan: Dad...it's good to see you.

Dan: Nathan, you're my son. I'm not gonna let anything happen to you. I promise.

Dan: If you can leave the killing to me. I'm already on the list.

Chris: If I get their attention, they're gonna chase me, with armas and really azedar, azedo looks on their faces. Chris Keller doesn't like that!
Dan: Well maybe you can sing them one of your songs, and drive them away, like you did most of your fã base.

Dan: Julian, you have a family. Go home.

Chris: The hero always dies in the movies.

Dan: Once Nathan comes home, you're out of the picture.
Chris: So are you.

Dan: Dan Scott doesn't like this either.

Chris: Chris Keller's too pretty to go to prison.
Julian: Yeah, that's what I said.
Chris: You said Chris Keller was pretty?

Dan: He's not dead. He's just...well I guess he could be dead por now.

9.11 || Danny Boy

Jamie: He'll be okay. It's Grandpa Dan.

Haley: You have now saved the two most important men in my life, and I don't know how to thank you.

Dan: I know where you're going, but what about me?
Keith: Don't worry little brother, you're my plus one.

Dan: I amor you Keith.
Keith: I amor you too Danny.

Nathan: You're my father, and I amor you.

Julian: A character that doesn't amor Brooke Davis, I wouldn't even know how to write that.

Dan: I've done enough awful things in his life. I think I was due.

Clay (to Logan): I found what I was looking for...you.

Jamie: I know I'm supposed to be tough. I don't want you to go.

Brooke: I've been a bit busy what with the cafe, the psychopath, and my friend's missing husband...

Nathan: It's friends and family.
Dan: I didn't know I had either.

9.12 || Anyone Who Had A Heart

Brooke: I'd like to just sit with them...be a family.

Jerry: People who like me for me, look too much like me.

Victoria: I knew we'd get an insult, I just thought it would be wittier.

Julian: Just because I referenced Dirty Dancing, it doesn't mean I'm not serious right now.

Clay: I got you covered Logan. It's gonna be okay. Trust me.
Logan: This from the guy who wonders around.

Brooke: It's easy to believe in you, Julian Baker.

Brooke: Isn't that a lot like The Creek?

9.13 || One árvore Hill

Nate: Oh wait, you've already been kidnapped.
Jamie: So have you.

Logan: How come you atuação so weird?
Clay: Because I'm a weird dude...an odd duck.

Chris: That tasted like the devil's ass!

Chris: Dude, Chris Keller's on the lam.