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 OTRA Tour - San Diego
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otra tour
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This one direction fotografia contains show and concerto. There might also be guitarrista, violonista, and baterista.

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Baby, you've got me sick,
I don't know what I did.
Need to take a break to figure it out, yeah.
Got your voice in my head,
Saying let's just be friends,
Can't believe the words came outta your mouth, yeah.

I'm trying to be okay,
I'm trying to be alright.
But seeing you with him,
Just don't feel right.

And I'm like, oww!
Never thought it'd hurt so bad,
Getting over you-ou.
And, oww!
You're giving me a coração attack,
Looking like you do-oo.
Cause you're all I ever wanted.
Thought you'd be the one and, oww!
You're giving me a coração attack,
Getting over you-ou-ou-ou.

[ LIAM...
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I had a spare key so i just opened the door. Ross was out with his friends so my mom and sister were just home. “mum! Kates here for the night!” i said, hoping it would be ok.

“alright, no high-jinks though!” my mom roared down from up stairs. We fell to the flor laughing. I cant BELIEVE my mom just said that! Oh god. How embarrassing!

After me and kate recovered from our little laughing fit, we ran upstairs and watched one direction’s video diarys. Oh how i missed them so much!

Kate kicked off her shoes and hit the door por accident. “whoops!” she said. i don’t think she cares!...
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When Harry finally got the cow off them,they went to hospital. Harry got into the car and said 'That was hard' I rolled my eyes and said 'Come on we're going rollerskating' He looked up and said 'Are you serious? We have to go to the hospital and..............' I gave him a kiss to shut him up. 'Now lets go' I said. This time he got out of the car and went to get our skates. I put mine on and then we skated off. After a few minutos I got tired 'Harry lift me' I said 'Why?'he wanted to know. 'I'm tired' I told him 'Fine' he answered putting me on his shoulders. When we got início I went upstairs...
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Whenever I close my eyes, I picture you there
I’m looking out at the crowd, you’re everywhere
I’m watching you from the stage yeah
You’re smile is on every face now
But every time you wake up
You’re hearing me say


Baby, you don’t have to worry
I’ll be coming back for you, back for you, back for you, you
Lately, I’ve been going crazy
I’ll be coming back for you, back for you, back for you, you

I’ve never been so into somebody before
And every time we both touch I only want more
So tell me nothing’s going to change yeah
And you won’t ever walk away yeah
Cause even though every...
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