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 Liam Payne,Glamour Magazine photoshoot,2013
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Source: Liam Payne,Glamour Magazine photoshoot,2013
Liam Payne,Glamour Magazine photoshoot,2013
liam payne
glamour magazine photoshoot
kiss you
tumblr 2013
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This one direction fotografia might contain outerwear, overclothes, vestuário exterior, and roupas normais.

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Things a 'Directioner' would know:

• One Direction are “amaZAYN, phenomeNIALL, fabuLOUIS, extraordinHARRY and brilLIAM!".

• "Vas Happenin" (coined por Zayn).

• Niall likes Nandos.

• In one of their video diaries Louis said he likes girls who eat carrots.

• As a kid Liam had a strange fear of spoons and he still has it now!

• Louis has two famous dance moves: 'Pat the dog and screw the light bulb' and 'Stop the traffic and let them through'.

• Larry Stylinson - Directioners are very big supporters of the bromances. Larry (Louis and Harry) is the most popular bromance.

• Vain - Zayn...
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