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Niall Horan Fanfic Chapter 23: Where Have You Been

I woke up early the seguinte morning. My sleeping schedule was all out of whack since the tour ended. I was used to early mornings so I went into the cozinha and made breakfast. My parents were at work so I didn’t have to deal with them all day. My phone rang. It was Niall.

“Hey babe.” He said.

“Hey there.” I answered.

“What are you up to?” he asked me.

“Nothing really, just making breakfast.” I said.

“Can I come over?” he said.

“Yeah, no one’s home.” I said.

“Cool I’ll be there soon.” He said.

We hung up and...
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Chap 18:
Part 1: The secret!

Zayn’s P.O.V

The two girls - Mihrap and Bella - were getting closer. And we were so lucky beacause Mihrap could cook as well as Bella. Mihrap seemed to like me very much. She usually came to clean my room every dia and cooked the comida I liked. Bella could realize that easily and kept teasing me all the time about it. These days, she was full of energy and laughed all the time. Seeing her happy made my mood better. Bella was like the sunshine of my life.

Then they all went swimming but I didn’t because I was really scared of water. Before going, Bella told me to...
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The Director's cut of One Direction's segundo música video Gotta Be You.
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author's note: this is my first fã fiction please leave your honest thoughts about it :) hope you like it.

Today is the best dia of my life! I’M FINALLY MEETING ONE DIRECTION! And I’ve got VIP so I get to meet them after the show. Two of my best mates are coming with me and they’re as excited as I am right now. Chels (Chelsea por her real name) is quite short he has wonderful long brown curly hair and amazing green eyes. Amy for her part, has wavy blond hair with big blue eyes. She is very tall. Me, I’m just the typical kind of girl medium long curly black hair with amend shaped brown-orangy...
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She has failed to deny talk of a budding romance between herself and the teenage boyband member who is poised on the brink of massive stardom.

But it seems that Caroline Flack's secret is finally out as One Direction singer Harry Styles, 17, was seen leaving her início Londres início at 9.30am yesterday morning, confirming the 32-year-old is smitten with the school-leaver.
In pictures that will break the hearts of One Direction's young female fans, the tousle-haired heartthrob was seen leaving the Xtra Factor host's início carrying his overnight bag.

Caroline emerged two hours later at 11.30am with...
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“some boyfriend you have. Cant even handle a punch. Im much mais a man than he will ever be.” I got SO angry. Nobody knocks out and slags my wimpy superstar boyfriend and gets away with it! I ran over to david, slapped him across the face and kicked him in the balls.

He winched in pain and fell to the ground.
I ran over to niall. His head was bleeding badly. “harry can you go get the nurse?” i asked, kindly. Harry was on his phone and didn’t hear me.

“HARRY GO AND GET THE NURSE!” a roar came from behind me. it was kate. Harry looked up. “what the hell happened to niall?” how...
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After Supermacs we all went to the park.Leah was still blabbing about pointless topics like cheese,ham,bread and her bedtime! Eventually Harry snapped 'Will you just shutup! You're really getting on my nerves' I was trying so hard to hold in my laugh but Leah looked a bit upset so I just said 'Leah here's £2 you and Niall can go and get ice-cream.' Leah and Niall ran off happily. 'Nicely done' said Harry. 'Thanks' I said. Later that dia Me and Harry and Niall and Leah went to the cinema. The movie they chose was absoulutely crap! I was just about to fall asleep when all of a sudden I heard...
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