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 1D = Heartthrobs (Items & Meaning Of Name) 100% Real :) x
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It was a normal dia in the Tomlinson household. Louis was hanging with his girlfriend, Eleanor Calder. Since the band was not touring at the moment he had some free time to do whatever he wanted. Eleanor and Louis were on the sofá watching amor Actually, but that wasn’t where their focus was. They were snuggling on the sofá talking to each other in a cute couple way.
“Louis, I’m so happy to see you!” Eleanor said
“Me too Eleanor, I’ve missed you so much”, Louis said
“I’m just glad we got the place to ourselves,” she said.
“Yeah, and I think I know how to make it better”,...
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Amber's POV:

It was true I had feelings for Drew. He was Beverly and strong,the whole time he fought I imagined that I was the one he was fighting for,and not Anna.I hid my anger when Drew kissed her at school,had to really hide it when i seen them making out on the beach.I was happy for them but not happy for me.I had a clue that Anna was upset ever since her mother died and I thought it would help if she got a boyfriend.I Intended and hoped that she'd have a little romance then they'd just decide to be friends.Its funny how unfair amor can be.I think yesterday Anna noticed my bother about...
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