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 1D = Heartthrobs (Items & Meaning Of Name) 100% Real :) x
posted by mehparty3
"Wow," Gavin said. "You should audition!" "Really?" I smiled. I had just finished cantar for my three best friends- Gavin, David, and Spencer. Spencer took a sip of his Pepsi. "Yeah, Lilah, the X Factor auditions are seguinte mês in this area-- you should really try out." he said.

I sighed and sat down on my bed. "Well, I don't think I'm ready to try out for such a huge show... I mean, I'm 16." I said. David shook his head. "No. You're trying out." He opened his laptop and started typing something. Gavin gave David a funny look. "What are you doing?" David smiled. "I'm looking for the perfect...
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