one direction YOU KNOW YOUR A DIRECTIONER WHEN.............

JinelleS posted on Apr 28, 2012 at 06:33AM
-Just the thought of the boys makes you smile.
-You say goodbye to your 1D posters when you leave your room.
-Sometimes you forget you dont actually dont know the boys.
-When you spell something wrong and think "Classic Liam move"
-When you practise signing you name with the boys last names.
-You didnt believe in perfection til you saw One Direction.
-When you see a pigeon your automatically like KEVIN!!!!!.
-When you cant go a day without listening to 1Ds songs.
-They are know known as "My Boys" not One Direction.
-When you hear someone say "Youre insecure" you instantly think "Dont know what for"
-Instead of saying Hi you say "Vas Happenin!!!"
-You know the exact time difference between your country and the country 1D are in.
-When you have replaced "Who run the world, girls" with "Horan the world, Curls".
-You probably could sing WMYB backwards if you tried hard enough.
-You dont mind yelling out 1D related things.
-When you can tell if its actually Liam, Niall, Harry, Louis or Zayn tweeting not just their management.
-You love them all equally (But secretly still have a favourite).
-You dont mind when the boys have girlfriends but inside your secretly dying.

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over a year ago Vamp_Fan_25 said…
Hahaha I guess I'm a directioner :D
over a year ago MisterBecky said…
over a year ago ErnieHannah333 said…
big smile
I'm a Directioner then :D
Especially the Kevin one!!!!!
over a year ago Huge_Styles_fan said…
Such a directioner!!! Woho!
over a year ago alice20000109 said…
big smile
Me! I do all of those things...:)
over a year ago MaddyPayne said…

I'm sad...I do this all but my mum won't give me posters, so I can't say goodbye...
over a year ago Beatit said…
big smile
my mom have said today that she had got One Direction Infection so i don't have that problem;)
over a year ago pink-bookworm said…
Yup defiantly am.
over a year ago 1-D-freak said…
WAHOO!! i have done all of them!!!!!!!
hehe, soooooooo true!!!!
over a year ago JinelleS said…
@MaddyPayne - nawwww i dont know how i could live without my posters i feel sorry for you!!!!!! doesnt meen u arent a directioner just because of one thing LLN!!!
over a year ago lucky262 said…
Haha done all of them
over a year ago Huge_Styles_fan said…
I wish I could do the poster one too! Because my mother doesn't let me put posters on my walls!
over a year ago mimivilee said…
Done! XX
over a year ago Alexis_Pierce said…
Woop Woop Imma directioner!

Also may i add.
"You know your a directioner when you wanted to be next to Liam when he as forever alone in the paddle boat" I LOVE U ONE DIRECTION
over a year ago delithium said…
you know your a one directioner when your wearing one of these :)
over a year ago DrPepperGirl said…
You know you're a directioner when:
-You don't use spoons
-You threaten people that you'll stab them with carrots
-You talk about them so much your friends tell you to shut up before you even talk even if it's not about One Direction
-You wear stripes, a superman shirt, suspenders, Capri's, colorful skinny jeans, or TOMS every day
-You ALWAYS write One Direction on your body (I've written on my face at school!)
- You know what size boxers each of them wear ;)
over a year ago JinelleS said…
LOL ^^^^^ at the 1d concert in NZ i did tell a police man and woman that i would stab them with my naked Harry doll to check if their stab proof vests work just incase another directioner tried to do it for real they just laughed!!!!
over a year ago thatcookienerd said…
I'm a directioner (:
over a year ago Stellawinx4eva said…
big smile
You know you're an directioner when you know that...
-Harry has 4 nipples
-Liam almost go suspened for fighting bullies
-Louis is the oldest but act like the youngest
-Zayn and Harry must share the same bed whenever their at an hotel
-If Zayn thinks an fan is adorable or cute,he bobs his head in the picture
-Liam asked a girl out 22 times,she said yes than dumped him the next day(bitch....)
-Harry likes low crotch trousers because he has 'big issues in the lower department'(I blushed when I heard that
-Louis doesn't allow the boys to wear stripes
-Harry loves to walk around naked
-Harry once rode an motorbike naked!
-Niall loves food as much as his bed and sleeping
-Niall is real inscure of his teeth
-Liam prefers brunettes and girls with blue eyes
-Niall doesn't talk in interviews because he swears a lot
-If Zayn annoys Liam,Liam won't talk to him until Zayn gives him a hug
-Zayn bites his bottom lip if hes hiding something or nervous
-Harry doesn't like when the boys use the f word
-Liam named his hair straighteners,Aussie
-Niall hates seeing people and he gets upset too
-Louis stares at Harry,Plays with Harry's hair and pokes Harry when he's bored
-Niall gets homesick so the the boys speak in an Irish accent to cheer him up
-Louis thinks he has an girly bum
-Liam turn ons is knee high socks,PDA and tattoos
-Management tried to put Niall on an diet because he ate too much
-Harry stepdad caught him in the bed with a girl. When he asked what's goings,Harry replies "looking for the remote"(I only wish it was me in the bed. But we will do more :D)
-Niall thinks model looking girls are intimidating and thinks their too perfect and boring. He prefers girls with flaws.
-Liam,Niall,and Harry would date 14 year old whilst Louis would date 16 and Zayn 17.
I know. I know a lot of facts!!
over a year ago 0neDirecti0n said…
:D i luv being a directioner! ps there funny(beautiful) eyes below
 :D i luv being a directioner! ps there funny(beautiful) eyes below
over a year ago nialler8 said…
so true and i love being a directioner
over a year ago LiamLover2176 said…
over a year ago DiamondYJ said…
That sad moment when you realize your perfect for one of the guys... but you'll never get to meet them let alone date them. I shall never be a Mrs. Horan.
over a year ago ZoeyMalik28 said…
Damn it. I'm perfect for Liam......time to start stabbing people with carrots..
over a year ago larzii said…
You know you're a directioner when:
- Your room used to have a small number of posters of a few different people, until you fell in love with One Direction, and became obsessed with buying every poster of them you could find, and so your walls gradually became completely covered in 1D
- You search YouTube for every single interview of the boys because it is your mission to watch them all - even the ones in Italian, French and Japanese...
- You can't go to bed without a cup of tea.
- Every time you hear the word 'direction' your ears perk up and your heart starts racing :)
- You know that seeing them in real life will be the greatest day of your life
- Watching a video of 1D can instantly cheer you up, no matter what.
- While everyone else in your family shouted 'Happy New Year!' you shouted, 'One Direction are coming here this year!!! WOOO!!'

Can anyone else relate to these? Haha I did actually do that ^ on New Years Day! It was so fun :D
I love being a Directioner! :)
over a year ago xayeishax said…
Hahaha Im a directionner alright!!! Too bad i dont have posters so i can say goodbye LOL!!!! xD
over a year ago Tineal said…
hahaha so true <3
over a year ago mrsniallhoran93 said…
I'm a directioner!!!!
over a year ago Imyselfandme said…
big smile
I'm A Directioner of course :D
Well written,I agree with everything said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
over a year ago Frozengirl11 said…
I've done most of these!!! The part when u said "Someone says 'You're insecure' & then you automatically think 'don't know what for', it's happened to me SO much!!! My 1st hour History teacher, he would say "First thing first", I automatically think "I'm the realist." It's so funny!! Same thing with 6th hour, Algebra, we're still kinda talking about bases & my teacher, when she says 'base', I sing in my head "Because you know I'm all about that base, 'bout that base, no trouble."XD
over a year ago ilovetheoned said…
when you live stream the concert on that new app onloop.
over a year ago Sundaegirl32 said…