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niall horan  apumpa 0 1033 over a year ago
favorito  rhaybieber101 0 917 over a year ago
Free One Direction pullout!!!!!!!  hammer1984 0 778 over a year ago
What are you willing 2 do 2 get one direction tickets???  Paris-payne 3 1104 over a year ago
I have some poems......  simaksim1 2 7160 over a year ago
One Direction ícone Contest..:)) *Closed Permanently*  Smilebaby05 4 2645 over a year ago
one direction  Huge_Styles_fan 0 628 over a year ago
cadastrar-se Baby Lux's fã Club!!!!  JinelleS 1 10764 over a year ago
Directioners untie!!  TasteDaRainbow 0 1245 over a year ago
WIN FREE TICKETS  jillwinslow90 0 2451 over a year ago
PLEASE HELP A FELLOW DIRECTIONER! amor YOU GUYS!  Lizzie1DLuv 0 1099 over a year ago
What would you do to meet to meet one direction?  Yantie123 0 1100 over a year ago
Please Help a fellow Directioner :)  Yantie123 0 953 over a year ago
1D Google!  yeah_its_me 2 4562 over a year ago
One Direction are not Britain's best boyband? :S  TCID 1 1046 over a year ago
my 1D fanfic  jayk_lover 2 1813 over a year ago
who would u chose from 1D?  karenboateng 0 1321 over a year ago
One Direction in Dallas in Entertainment Weekly!!!!  zander2001 0 1323 over a year ago
Meet 1D signing!  louisbaby 0 1443 over a year ago
50  fasiha7 0 1025 over a year ago
Directioner-forever..!!  Aisy 4 6472 over a year ago
Be Lou Lous fan!  louisbaby 0 1048 over a year ago
One directions address......  louisbaby 0 2041 over a year ago
Meet them!!!!!  louisbaby 0 1093 over a year ago
40  fasiha7 1 840 over a year ago
countdown to 2500 fãs :D  ladychazabc 758 38192 over a year ago
30  fasiha7 1 668 over a year ago
1D UNITED STATES TOUR!!!  VasHappenin1D 1 700 over a year ago
fãs  fasiha7 1 663 over a year ago
pre-sale tickets  LSacco 0 1172 over a year ago
one direction posters  scllns8 0 894 over a year ago
Twitter~  faithxo 5 760 over a year ago
Directioners<3  Brianna1D14 2 968 over a year ago
Hello Girls.  kaibelx 1 3631 over a year ago
One Direction New Zealand tour dates/venues and price!!!!  JinelleS 0 1253 over a year ago
If you had a child who will you choose to be the dad from One Direction?  Aaminah210 23 2811 over a year ago
Fanfiction (bored)  Wwefa1 1 3940 over a year ago
Hiii.:3 I'm new here. I ♥ One Direction! :DD  xEllzBellzx 0 1119 over a year ago
One Direction Lyrics Contest (Round 3 OPEN)  dancergirl78 19 3850 over a year ago
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1D memories and proudest moments <3  lois4 7 11025 over a year ago
A Canadian Radio confirmed that 3 out of 5 of the boys are single  Progatozona 0 1088 over a year ago
One Direction on iCarly!!  Progatozona 0 1228 over a year ago
One Thing single out on summer !!!!!!  Progatozona 0 943 over a year ago
One Direction mais Than This Video  Progatozona 0 1721 over a year ago
Ed Sheeran and Yelawolf - "You Don't Know (For Fuck's Sake)  Ryan584 0 978 over a year ago
Which 1D Boy is For You? - teste  dancergirl78 1 4354 over a year ago
ATTENTION TRUE DIRECTIONERS! Twitters Below please?  morgans_malik 2 1079 over a year ago
Spot look  maribou 0 1181 over a year ago
One Direction fãs - I need your help!  beccaempty 0 971 over a year ago
One Direction Lyrics - Contest :) 6th Round  DArsenalFan 38 5693 over a year ago
one direction O2 Apollo live show, concerto with special guests  chloeroxx 0 2130 over a year ago
1D tour tickets SCOTLAND ! HELP  Megzie1D 0 1393 over a year ago
the one direction review  Aoifestyles123 0 845 over a year ago
If You Had To Make A Family With One Direction How Would You Make It? (And I Don't Mean Make As In You Know What!)  MissMuffin38 49 5888 over a year ago
The One Direction Awards.  xMrsNiallHoranx 9 1547 over a year ago
Are One Direction gonna become really famous??  lois4 5 3870 over a year ago
dis 4 1 direction  hann1d 2 1183 over a year ago
One Direction Party Invites  chrishewitt 0 2252 over a year ago
rate your fave from 1D  Natasha923 22 1761 over a year ago
Who likes Zayn Malik from One Direction?  Aaminah210 24 4678 over a year ago
"I LIKE GIRLS WHO EAT CARROTS."  btrfan160 0 2144 over a year ago
niall horan  Hannah_Filbert 1 2599 over a year ago
When will 1D decide to come to American?  Hannah_Filbert 0 1514 over a year ago
If Harry Styles has a girl friend, the third world war will happen  Hannah_Filbert 0 1211 over a year ago
Who do you like the best?  Meggxoxo 0 993 over a year ago
One Direction Tour  SelenaBvr94 0 1482 over a year ago
One Direction fã Of The Month.  xMrsNiallHoranx 31 6525 over a year ago
I can't believe they've gone!!!!!  CherryCrush100 5 5314 over a year ago
One Direction picture contest! ♥ Closed ♥  CullenSisters-X 23 8072 over a year ago
THIS fórum IS NOW CLOSED:(  johncenaw85oi 31 2411 over a year ago
one directions biggest fã August  1994shannon 4 2176 over a year ago
One Direction fã of the mês (July)  xMrsNiallHoranx 32 5424 over a year ago
One Direction Break Single Record  check-it-out13 0 1378 over a year ago
One Direction fã of the mês (June)  xMrsNiallHoranx 27 2720 over a year ago
this fórum is now closed:P  johncenaw85oi 61 7561 over a year ago
One Direction FOTM! [Closed] ♥  CullenSisters-X 16 2510 over a year ago
One direction to win x factor  divagurliexxx 8 2327 over a year ago
Song choices  OneDirectionFan 13 2030 over a year ago
One Direction To Win!!!  Mysticfallstown 0 1816 over a year ago
One Direction fotografia Comp ♥ Open : Auditions (separately)  ellietwilight12 12 7550 over a year ago