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 Admire Them In Snapbacks,Please
Admire Them In Snapbacks,Please
WOAH! Count down...4 parts left! xD Kay,be awesome and put links in the comments to YOUR stories if you want me to read them! Haha. Kay,bye-bye

Hanna's P.O.V
I won't just simply let that image of Rubz go. She was hurt and I knew it was someone hurting her. But if it was HER hurting herself,I would make her quit it or put her into intervention. Harry,on the otherhand,was protective over all of us. Cher,Ruby,Madison,Liam,Louis,Zayn,Niall,and I. Also the One Direction 'family' also known as the Directioners.
"Hanna,babe,can you just calm down for now?" Harry whispered as I shivered,my head resting on his lap
We were in the living room,waiting for Louis to finish talking to Ruby,who were both upstairs. I closed my eyes,putting a hand on Harry's leg.
"I'm trying,'s just sick that some girl would do that to Rubz" I muttered,reaching a hand up to Harry's curls
Harry grabbed my hand,kissing it lightly,"Hey,Louis will take care of it"
I nodded,"Is that how you'll be with Darcy?"
"Darcy...that beautiful child. I'll be protective over my sweet Darcy that belongs to the most beautiful girl I've met" Harry whispered,bending down to where his head met mine
I giggled,"What if we have a boy,Haz?"
"We'll name him whatever you want" Harry smiled
"Edward Louis Styles" I giggled again
Harry held my hand in his warm hand,"I like that,babe"
I glanced into Harry's eyes,"I really amor you,Harry..."
"I know. I amor you much mais than anyone can amor you. It's probably impossible for amor to be this great for someone" Harry kissed my cheek lightly
I blushed lightly,"It's impossible for someone to amor you as much as I do,Hazza boo"
Louis came downstairs,"I found out who it was"
"Really?" Harry and I asked at the same time
"Some girl named Ashley" Louis stared at us,"Sound familiar?"
"No.." Harry and I said,AGAIN
Louis sighed,"It's Jeniffer's little sister"
Harry's eyes widened,"WHAT?"
"I'm relying on you to fix this,Haz. If my sister comes here,everyday,with a new injury..I will go over there and beat up Ashley" Louis sighed
Harry stared into my eyes,"Hanna.."
"I don't know. Do what you have to,Haz. But don't let her trick you." I stood up,crashing my lips to Harry's. I pulled away,going upstairs to my room,to take a nap.
"Have a good nap,Hanna boo" Louis exclaimed
I saw Liam,Zayn,and Niall saw me. I waved at them,going into my room. It smelled strongly of Hazza. I smiled,thinking of Harry and I's talk about Darcy and Edward. I loved how we just started planning it out. I wish we could go along with the plan. But I knew Jeniffer would do anything to get in Harry's pants. But Harry was a promising man. I had faith in my soon-to-be-husband. I always had faith in him.
 "..I Had Faith In Him.."
"..I Had Faith In Him.."
really cool.....!!!!let's dance!!!!!
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