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Chap7 the school explore~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Louis'sPOV: I stood seguinte to some girl. Her name was Ashlie. She ws cute Bt not my type. I looked around and saw a girl vth black ponytail red streks sitting beside me. 
Louis: hie I m Louis 
Xxx: I m Tess 
Louis: so would you like to show me around 
Tess: well Ashlie is there 
Louis: babe Bt I want you to show me around 
Tess: I m not your babe 
Louis: well ur cute so I can call u that 
Tess: no u can't call me that 
Louis: so baby 
Tess: no 
The sino rang and Ashlie pulled my hand and took me around the school. 
And here I was dying . 

Shenali'sPOV: I told Liam about our collage . I showed him everything evn the band room. Then we came to the toppest part of our school. I took him to the  end coner and said "this is the apaixonados point. "
Liam: its cute 
Shenali: yeah it is 
Liam: so y did you all name it apaixonados point
Shenali: cz when a couple wanted to be alone they always came up here 
Liam: have you ever came up here before 
Shenali: yeah 
Liam: wit whom 
Shenali': I Aaliya and Kia use to come up here and eat during princiz lectures.
Liam: any u like 
I wanted to tell his name Bt I said " no " 
He came closer to me and said " wat about me " 
Shenali: wat about you 
Liam: yeah do u like me 
Shenali: everyone likes you 
Liam: I know that Bt do u like me 
Shenali: yes 
He bented on his knees an said " will u be my girlfriend " 
Shenali: there are thousand other girls in te school Bt u chooses me " 
Liam: yeah cz I like you 
Shenali': yes 
Liam hugged me . I Hug back and said " now should we go down " 
Liam: yeah 
He caught my hand and went down. 
The moment was amazing like super amazing. I felt his coração beat when he hugged me. Man I m the luckiest person on earth. Liam Payne's girlfriend wow it's going to be awesome . 
He didn't let go my hand until we met the math teacher. 

Giana'sPOV: I took zayn first to the lab and all the classes . He was funny. He made me laugh on silly jokes evn . I took him to apaixonados coner and said about it. 
Zayn: if zee would be here and told u to kiss me would you do it . 
Giana: no 
Zayn: ok 
Giana: Bt I would do this 
Zayn: wat 
Giana: don't worry I m not goin to push u down . 
Zayn: ok that's better 
Giana: close ur eyes 
Zayn: y 
Giana: If u don't I vl definately push u down 
Zayn: ok ok 
I went closer to him and kissed his cheecks and hid behind the pillars . 
Zayn : so I guess you have the same feelings for me . 
I was hidding behind the pillars . I closed my ees and say " yes " when I open them he was not standing there any mais . So I got out . And searched for him . Then he caught me from the back and said " caught you " 
I started laughing. 
Zayn: so u would do this and he kissed my cheecks . 
Giana: if zee would say so 
Zayn: so u like me cz zee says so 
Giana: yeah 
Zayn: then I hv to tell to zee something special 
Giana: let's go down before Aaliya kills us . He caught my hand and we went down togather. Oh my gosh I kissed zayn once again and he kissed my cheecks too. I felt as If I m in heavens 

Harry'sPOV: Kia took me everywhere she was tooo talkative . She kept talking and talking . Then she took me to the toppest part of her school and showed me the amor Coner. The whole time I was starring at her  lips they never get tired . She was speaking about the amor coner when I went closer to her and kissed her lips.
Harry: u speak a lot 
Tess: I m sorry 
Harry: and I amor that about you 
Kia: u do 
Harry: in fact I amor you 
Kia: really 
Harry: yeah 
She hugged me and said " I amor u since u didn't evn know I existed" 
Harry: dont  you get tired when u speak so much. 
Tess: well ur the segundo person to shut me up 
Harry: wat someone  else already kissed you 
Kia: no . I mean I when talk a lot aaaliya used to take a tape an tie my hands and mouth . Or jst statue me 
Harry: statute you ??!
Kia: I vl explain. 
Harry: ok 
Kia: when I say statute to u you have to freeze in the position ur . No matter wat .... u can not mover until I say over 
Harry: sound fun. 
Tess: let's get going 
Harry: statute 
Tess froze I went closer to her and kissed her Lips and she kissed back . 
Harry: I suppose your to be statue 
Tess: I am 
Harry: so y  would you kiss back 
Tess: cz. I m allowed to mover my mouth. 
Harry: ok 
Tess: now can u plz say over.
Harry: over 
Tess: let's go 
I caught her waist and we both went down.

Niall'sPOV: linda wAs a total price tag . I mean like if I compliment anything she would start her story. 
Niall: nice lockit 
Linda: I know it's of 1500$ it specially ordered from Paris . 
Niall: thats cool ( lying) 
Linda: and the shoes are from uk 
Niall: so where are we going next.
Suddenly someone pushed Linda and se fell Bt I caught her. 
Niall: u ok 
Linda: yeah 
Niall: let keep going 
I kept looking at the watch that when will the sino ring and I can go away from here. Linda pulled me to the toppest floor N Said" u vl amor it here"
Niall: wat is it 
Linda: close your eyes. 
Niall: ok 
She took me somewhere. Then I felt someone's lips beijar my lips and I open my eyes and saw Linda doing it. 
Niall: wat are you doing 
Linda: I m so sorry 
Niall: plz don't do it seguinte time 
Linda: I promise I wont 
Niall: where are we now 
Linda: apaixonados point 
Niall: let's check out the ground. 
Linda: ok 
She and I went down.

Aaliya'sPOV: I and erick knew something crispy was going to happen at the apaixonados point so we went up there and hid there. First we saw Liam and Shenali then Giana and zayn then Harry and Kia then Niall and Linda . Ashlie was a topper and she hated this plc so Louis was definitely not going o come here. We went Dow. I ws holding ericks cel cz we took pics in it. When someone called angel called up. 
Erick: can I have my cell 
Aaliya: no 
And we both started to run. I crossed Shenali and all and ran into the ground and I mistakely dash into Linda and Niall . Linda and I fell down. Erick caught me Bt Niall didn't catch linda. 
Erick: my cell 
Aaliya: here 
Erick and I had te Same cell so I confused him por giving mines I ran away and he switched it on and said" it's ur cell " 
Bt till that time I ws far from him. He ran and caught up vth me and we both fell to the ground. Some one offered for help.
Xxx: need help 
I: oh thanx 
I got up and saw Ethan standing behind me . Ethan was a hot football player. I liked him a lot before Bt now jst as a friend until He asks me out . 
Xxx: Ethan 
I: Aaliya 
Ethan: u ok 
I: yeah 
Ethan: seems u hv got a bit of scratch 
Erick : I vl take care of it 
Ethan: ok bye 
I: c u around 
And then we joined the others. I and erick were laughing like devils. 
Niall:so wat would you like for the break 
Aaliya: and suco, suco de  plz LOOSER.... 
Niall: don't call me that 
Aaliya: wat else looser 
Niall: hell vth ur juice 
Aaliya: I can afford it on my own looser 
Niall: stop calling me that 
Aaliya: wat if I don't 
Niall: u have to 
And the fight begins again. 

Liam'sPOV: I said wat I felt about Shenali and had the same feeling for me. All were happy except Niall and Aaliya they always fight. They last lecture began . We all went and sat to our places. I seguinte to Shenali. Louis seguinte to Tess and Ashlie. Aaliya seguinte to erick an Niall . Harry seguinte to Kia and zayn seguinte to Giana. 

Tess'sPOV: y did this looser had to sit with me. Gross he was irritating . aaliya sat in front of me. And seguinte to him Niall and Erick. Teacher said create a project on deforestation. 
Teacher: the groups are made Bt the 5 boys are new so I vl personally make their group.
Tess u go vt Louis 
Tess: man I already have a patner 
Teacher: who 
Tess: Aaliya 
I kicked Aaliya and she said " yeah ma'am " 
Teacher: no problem cz evn Aaliya is getting a new patner. 
I wispher to Aaliya: gross these people are irritating. I vl ask Linda if she wants to go vth Louis 
Aaliya: I wish NAILL is not vth me 
Tess: u guys fight a lot 
Niall : stop talking or u vl go out again. 
Tess: yeah right 
Louis: so where are we making the project.
Tess: shhhhhhh 
Teacher: Liam and Linda 
Liam: maam can I plz go vth Shenali 
Teacher: oh k fine 
I was like shit y didn't the teacher change my patner
Teacher: zayn and Giana and Harry and Kia 
Niall: I m left 
Teacher: u wish to go vth someone 
Niall: yeah 
Aaliya  caught her hand and was like " if he catches my hand I m gonna break his neck" 
Tess: hahahahah
Teacher: wars funny Tess 
Tess: nothin ma'am 
Teacher: who is it Niall 
Niall pointed his finger to Aaliya. 
Teacher: oh k n now no changes in it . 
Aaliya: y me 
Niall: it's goin to be awesome 
The sino rang all left except I and Aaliya and Niall. 
Tess: u can go niall 
Niall: yeah Bt I m waiting for u two 
Aaliya: we have legs and we know the Plc we can come 
Niall: oh k 
Aaliya told me about the whole doces comprar Plc thing . It ws a great mess. 
Aaliya: Bt we covered our loss very soon 
Tess: that's good 
Aaliya: can u come to the doces comprar today
Tess: if this dum n I finish my project so I vl definately come. 
Aaliya: c u there 
I packed my bags and left for início . 

Niall'sPOV: I was hidding behind the door. That If Aaliya comes I vl scare her. And she came I said bhoo . She stumbled and fell Bt I caught her. We had and I eye contact for at least 5 minutes. I went closer to kiss her Bt she got up and went away. I ent behind her Bt she ws fast. She got in her car . 
Aaliya: Shenali I m going to pick zee up and meet u at the cast comprar  shop in an hour 
Shenali: I won't come today 
Aaliya: ok pass me the keys plz 
She threw the keys towards Aaliya and she caught it. She turned towards and made at angry fAce. Then she left and so did tess. 
Niall: can I get her number plz 
Shenali: here 
She gave me her number and I texted her. 
" see you later love" 
She replied 
" Whoz this " 
I: " ur boyfriend " 
Aal: " I don't have one " 
I: ur driving u shouldn't text now 
Aal: Hw do u know that
I: I know each and everything about you . 
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