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Via's POV
It was around 6:30 a.m. when I woke up. I saw that Zayn's is not in the room. The place where he slept is already clean so i got up and arranged my bed. I combed my hair and heads to the cozinha to prepare breakfast. When I got to the dining area, i was shocked because there's already pancakes, plates, cups and etc. Then Zayn greeted me. "Good morning, beautiful," he said while bringing our coffee to the dining area.
Via: Wow.

Zayn smiled at me. He guided me when i was about to sit on the chair. He sat across me. When I was about to put some panquecas on my plate, he stopped me.
Zayn: No, i'll do it for you.

He puts some panquecas on my plate.
Zayn: There you go.

Gosh, he's such a gentleman.
He then poured coffee in my cup from the coffee machine. Then he ate.
Via: Thank you.
Zayn: No problem. Thanks for letting me stay here, Via.
Via: You are welcome.

Then I took a sip on my coffee and took a bite on my pancake. Just then, I caught Zayn staring at me and I swear I can feel my cheek turn red.
Via: Why are you staring?
Zayn: Nothing. (smiles)

I smiled back.
Via: Did you made the pancakes?

He nods,
Via: It's delicious.
Zayn: (smiles) So are you free today?
Via: Yes and why?
Zayn: It's just I didn't go on a tour around Paris yet and.. you know..
Via: What are you trying to say?
Zayn: Via, would you like to hang out with me today?
Via: Okay...

I took a chuveiro and Zayn took a chuveiro at the other bathroom near the staircase.
I'm wearing this: link . I bring my camera.

Zayn is wearing this: link

He looks cool...
Zayn: Via, i forgot today's Marchelo's dia off.
Via: oh no worries. I'll call my driver.
Zayn: okay.

Fabrizio arrived and we head outside. Zayn locks the door and the gate. Fabrizio greeted me.
Fab: Good morning, madame.

He saw Zayn and whispered to me "Madame, is he your boyfriend?" then he giggled. I laughed at the thought that he thinks Zayn's my boyfriend.
Via: No, we're just friends.

Zayn's POV

Even though I didn't hear what Via's driver whispered to her, I know it's all about me. When Via said "No, we're just friends", I can't help but smiled at the thought that this man thought i'm Via's boyfriend. I really wish she's mine...again. And If that'll happen, I will never ever hurt her.

Via: So come on.

We got inside the car. Me and Via sat at the back.
Via: So where are we heading, Zayn?
Zayn: Uhmm the Eiffel Tower?
Via: (smiles) okay. I know many places here in Paris and I can tour you.
Zayn: (smiles)

I held her hand and she looks at our hands and smiles. It's like we're the only people in the world. I don't want this moment to end.

When we arrived at the Eiffel Tower, we got out of the car still holding hands. Via gets her camera and took many pictures of the place. She walks away taking many pictures and i'm just standing there feeling the warm breeze of the Paris air.
Via calls me.
Via: Zayn! Come here!

I went closer to her. She points the camera at us.
Via: Smile.

I put my arm around her waist and she took a picture of us. She showed it to me and we look like a happy couple. I amor these moments. I sat on the grama and Via took a stolen shot of me.
Zayn: Hey.
I ran to her and looks at the picture.

Via: (laughs) Don't worry Zayn you look handsome.

I blushed. Haha.
Via sat on the grama and I sat beside her. She took a picture of us. She told me to smile but instead of smiling I kissed her cheek. We look at the picture and I smiled shyly. Via just smiled at the pic. I thought she'll be mad because I kissed her cheek,,

As we're walking around the tower a lady approached us and drags us to a stall of aleatório things. Then we read the words at the upper part of the stall. It says:

We got shocked upon leitura it. Via told the woman:
Via: We're not a couple.

upon hearing it, my smile faded.
When Via told the lady we're not a couple, it seems like she didn't understand what Via's saying.
Lady: quoi? {what?}
Via: I said me and this guy.. not together..
Lady: quoi? {what?}
Zayn: Elle a dit que nous ne sommes pas un couple. {She said we are not a couple}
Lady: (gets disappointed) Désolé. Mais vous et la jeune fille sont mignons tous les deux, {Sorry. But you and the girl are cute together}

I saw Via smiling when she heard those words.
Via: Pas de soucis. {no worries.}

The lady smiled and me and Via continued on our way. We sat on a bench and I held her hand.
Zayn: I was thinking about what the lady said earlier.
Via: (chuckles) She thought we're a couple.
Zayn: Yeah. You know what, Via. I miss the times we had when we're still together.
Via: Zayn, let's not talk about it.
Zayn: Please, Via. It's just I want you back.
Via: (ignores) Let's go home. (walks away and gets inside the car)

When we got home, she immediately change her clothes into her pjs and lays on her bed.
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Riley’s P.O.V

I was in the dance room dancing my coração out. I was a dancer, singer, model yeah I live a busy life. But if you were doing this for like since you were like 5 years old then you get used to it. So here I am dancing and cantar for a música vide. You probably think my life is the best but it isn’t . I get bullied at school cause of my sense of fashion. I get loads of hate everywhere. I come início and live bye-myself. I was doing my música in this out-fit link. I was having a great time. It was like in a ally and I am wearing like rua hip-hop clothes. My dia ended and I went...
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I woke up with the sun light peeking threw the window i opened my eyes and oonly saw blur i rubbed my eyes the started to ajust to the light i picked up my phone from the night stand i turned it on 7:30!! I got dressed (picture) and put my hair in a side braid and ran out the door to my car

.........At work......

Im so sorry boss im late! Its okay angle dont let it happen agian she said thank you thank you!! I ran to the cash regester .

2 hours later....

Thank you enjoy your coffee.ANGLE!! ANGLE GUESS WHAT!!! yelled sophia, summer,perrie and Eleanor in usion ohhh oi guys i was just getting ready...
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Riley’s P.O.V

I woke up the seguinte dia smiling. I got up changed out of my pj’s link. And changed in my out-fit which was comfy link and a good choice it was burning out-side. I hopped in the car and I was off I was driving when I got out Harry texted me link

Harry: oi bestieJ

Me: waz up bro

Harry: nothing just finished one of the songs though louis and the lads said hi and zayn of course said VAS HAPPENIN!

Me: oh… well I got to go movie practicing

Harry: WOW!! Congrat’s text me the details when u are done.

I walked in and took a big breath I walked in nervously. They smiled and pulled me...
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Authors Note: yes I found out how to use the links:

Ruby’s P.O.V

I woke up the sun filling in. hearing the taxi cabs car horns. Yup the daily city noise I woke up getting out of my room: link I went in my bathroom and changed into my out-fit link I walked downstairs and got some cereal. Everyone else was still asleep. I got some pancake batter and bacon, eggs, and made panquecas wit eggs and bacon. Niall was the first to come running I laughed and he served himself and plopped on the couch. “Harry was talking about you” says Niall popping a bacon, toucinho in his mouth. “about what?” I say serving...
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I sat outside on a lawn chair. How could this be possible? How could this happen? How... that's what I want to know.

"You okay?" I heard someone say. I turned around and saw Tiffany. She sat por me in a dark brown wooden rocking chair. I swallowed hard, "Yeah..." I mumbled. You see I was pregnant but, come to find out, the baby died. I don't understand how she or he could have died in such a young stage. I looked at the pinkish laranja sky. It was almost dark out.
"Tell me if you need anything..." Tiffany sat on the chair for a few mais segundos then left.

Amie POV:

"Li, my friend is going to come...
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Saphire's P.O.V

I went in the chuveiro and washed the whip-cream and chocalote off. when i was washing i heard the door open i checked nobody i continued.when the curtain's slowly open "HARRY GET OUT" I yell covering up with the curtain he just stands their laughing. "get out harry please" i say he nods and gets out i blush and continue. when i get done i see my clothes gone. "harry" i think in my head i embrulho, envoltório myself with the towel and run downstairs beet red. "HARRY GIVE THEM BACK" I yell at him i see him in the room laughing i snatch them and smile and change in my pj's.
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Harry's P.O.V

I was laughing until Ally yelled "somone helped she's drowning!!" when i heard her scream i ran to the pool dived in and pullled her out. i was giving her C.P.R I did life-guard trainig before i was in one direction so i knew what to do. she spitted out the water and i hugged her tightly beijar her fore-head passiontley. "i-i am sooo sorry i didnt know i thought you could swim i just wanted to have fun" i say tearing up. "oh no its alright i should have told you" she says. i put her on the chair and cover her with the towel "so this means you will go out with me right" she say...
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~ First kiss ~
Violet ‘ s P . O . V
    I was very excited that Harry was staying with me . I cant stand being alone , in a big house with nothing to do . I knew he cared about me a lot .He even told about how he cared about me . Then we were watching some tv . Then he told me something .
Convo ;
“ tolet, violet . ? “ he said
“ Yes Harry . “ I replied
“ I amor you . “
“ I amor you too . “
“ Promise me one thing . “
“ Anything . “
“ Promise me that you will never leave me , ever . No matter what . “
    It took me a while to answer because...
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Niall Horan just revealed that One Direction's segundo album could be finished por August! Even though One Direction has been totally busy with their tour, the boys have been in the recording studio all summer! Niall Horan dished that they're going to spend July and August in the studio "getting the album done." He even gave deets on when their first single from the album would be coming out! Niall spilled, "Obviously we've got to make a decision for a single soon, 'cause we have to get a single out towards September, I suppose." OMG! I can't wait! Be sure to check back for deets on One Direction's upcoming album!
Chapter 2 part 1 Planning Ahead

OM1D! I've gotta get everything ready for the wedding! Its only like, five years away! Right now I'm write the thing you give to the people you want to go to the wedding, forgot what they're called, but anyways here's what they look like

Dear ________________________

You are invited to Jazmine and Harry, Louis, Zayn, Niall and Liams wedding! We hope you enjoy the wedding!

Date: 13th of Feb
Time: 11:00 am - 4:00 pm
RSVP: 0402507328 or 63852947

Hope you can make it!
Sincerely, Jazmine and the guys

Thats what our wedding invites are gonna look like! Cool huh? And this is...
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