once upon a time What was your favorito scene/part in 'Broken Heart'? (5x10)

Pick one:
Zelena restrains Dark Swan's magic
Dark Hook transformation montage / Dark Hook meets the Dark One
Dark cisne talks to Mary Margaret & Regina about how she isolated herself....
Dark Hook visits Rumple & Belle at Gold's comprar
Henry doesn't want to help Dark cisne because he think she only wants...
Mary Margaret & David talk to Merlin & Lancelot about the Lady of Lake and...
Dark Hook and Dark cisne fight about the Darkness and the Dark One intervenes
Belle tells Rumple he's a hero now whilst Rumple says that not wanting him...
Zelena demands to see her baby
Merida shoots an Arqueiro at Dark Hook and then gets knocked out / Dark cisne &...
Dark cisne & Dark Hook kiss in the encantada Forest
Dark Hook yells at Dark cisne about turning him into the Dark One
Regina tells Zelena that having a child made her find her best self
Zelena embraces her daughter
Henry & Dark cisne discuss Operation cobra Part 2
Dark cisne & Dark Hook talk in the Field of flores
Dark Hook rips out Merlin's coração
Nimue talks to Merlin
Dark Hook vs. Rumple: Sword Fight
Dark cisne & Henry find the Dreamcatchers
Dark cisne tells Dark Hook not to destroy Merlin's coração
Belle tells Rumple she cannot be with him & that she needs to mend/protect her...
Dark cisne takes away Dark Hook's memories
Dark Hook summons all the Dark Ones (Ending Scene)
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