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This once upon a time wallpaper might contain fogo, chamas, and inferno.

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Mirrors have always been closely associated with Regina, even before her debut as a character in Once through her disney counterpart. But just because she's now apart from that part of herself doesn't mean that the mirrors are any less symbolic. That said I won't be talking much of her relationship with the magic mirror (aka Sidney) as my goal here is to address the symbolism of the mirrors.

Mirrors as Symbolism

The mirror thing started pretty early with Regina.

Back in season 1 Regina was probaby the character most seen in front of the mirror. And quite a number of times she would be holding...
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once upon a time
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Okay, so I think my topo, início 5 villains are all quite psychotic or HAVE BEEN at some point in their lives. I'm going to rank all 5 of them out of 10 of how evil I think they were during their darkest times.

1. Regina as the Evil queen during her big bad rein: 8/10
I gave her 8 out of 10 because she was pretty evil, no kidding. She slaughtered villages, ripped out hearts, tore families apart and trapped people in her castelo who had done nothing wrong. But now, she obviously isn't like that. The 8/10 was purely based on what she USED to be like.
2. Cora during the first part of season 2 as the main...
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